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3 years ago

Is Multi-Dating A Good Idea?

... I think the biggest reason for multi dating is perspective. When you are dating one partner your judgment seems to more clouded ...

3 years ago

5 First Date Don’ts For Men

... Ladies, have you ever been on a date with a guy and he is just dropping the ball left, right and center? And guys, please ...

3 years ago

The Manly Assortment : THE ASPIRANT

  ... During my twenty-six years I’ve been toasted by a variety of men. I still get a surprising range – from pre-teens ...

5 years ago

Just Friends or Just Denial

... Collaborated with Tay-d You know that book of codes, which has so many unwritten rules of conduct ( like guys code of “bros ...

5 years ago

Paying for the date.

It’s the year 2009 and with each passing year, more ‘Independent Women’ anthems seem to be hitting the airwaves. We ladies are ...

5 years ago

No Sex in this Relationship

Hey guys, Mgbeks here! Lately I’ve been pondering on this issue of sex in a relationship and why it is SO important to men. I keep ...