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The flux of entertainers going into politics has come to a grinding halt as 9ice, D1, Kate Henshaw and KSB all lost their party primaries over the weekend.

Nollywood actress, Kate Henshaw has lost her ticket to represent the Calabar South Federal Constituency under PDP (Peoples Democratic Party) while 9ice going for House of Rep in Oyo state lost out also though he denied that he’s lost and has said he’s still in contention. He lost out to Prince Akeem Oyewumi, son of the Soun of Ogbomoso. Other entertainers who lost out in their primaries include Dayo Adeneye, and Kenny St. Brown. Nollywood actor Desmon Elliot though won his ticket to represent Lagos in the House of Representatives.

In a very gracious manner, Kate Henshaw took to twitter to announce her defeat, and also made it clear that the elections were free and fair.


9ice has come out to deny the claims put out by The Sun newspaper that he lost out on the APC primaries yesterday. 9ice is contesting for a House of Assembly seat in Oyo State in the Ogbomoso constituency.

Here is his statement as released to us.

“I -Abolore Akande popularly known as 9ICE hereby debunk the news being published in THE SUN by Ckuks Eze today 5th December that I am no longer in the race to contest for the APC ticket as an aspirant for the House of Reps in Ogomosho South, North and Orire Federal Constituency as a blatant lie. I suspect he has been bribed by my opponents to rubbish my efforts. It is a joke of the century and a plan by enemies and killers of good dream. I am very much in the race and with you support and prayers, success is certain.”

Votes are still being counted or nah?

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Check out this New song from Adigun, Aiye,(Life, People of the world). Interesting!

Since Bashorun Gaa decided not to hang his mic, he went back into the studio to Prove his legendary status which he just did. (Baba Still Got it,that “9ice” sound)

A Yoruba Proverb says – “Omo To Ba Fowo we, A’baGBA Jeun Which simply means “The Child that wash his hands properly, will eat with his Elders” This is 9ice washing his hands before eating. He is basically paying homage to the Elders (Awon Iya) or u can call them deity. The Spiritual Securities that Protects our country Nigeria.

Being a Politician is no Joke, Adigun Knows. He came through on this one!


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In just a couple of weeks after he dropped his long awaited Perfect Gentleman video and his most anticipated UK tour dates gets closer, Sean Tizzle hits again with Loke Loke. In the quest for more, Sean Tizzle perfectly delivers as an actor in his new flick Loke Loke ft multiple award winning superstar 9ice. This is the first video the star act would feat anyone since he emerged in feb 2013. The video portrays the hustle and challenges of an upcoming artiste and what he faces before fame/stardom.

YouTube Preview Image

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A big congratulations to 9ice as he welcomes his 4th child into the world. He welcomes his daughter with his new fiance Olasunkanmi Ajala who is a creative director at an events and decor company.

According to reports, the couple have been togethere for a while now, and plan on getting married soon.

9ice is currently campaigning heavily as he’s contesting for a seat in the Federal House of Representatives in 2015 to represent Oyo State.

Looks like this just adds to the good news.



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No secret that 9ice has declared his intentions to run for House of Rep in Oyo state, and now he’s taking it a step further by hitting the campaign trail in Ogbomoso, Oyo state. He visited his constituency today September 10th for awareness campaign and to identify with the electorate.

During the rally, in which he gathered a substanial crowd, 9ice promised that if he got elected to represent Ogbomoso Federal constituency 1, he will use this salary for development project in the constituency.

Well let’s wait and see.

Check out pictures from his rally.






9ice was not joking when he said he was going into politics. He’s officially running for House of Representatives for Oyo state, in the Ogbomosho north/south/orire constituency.

He’s under aligned himself with the APC party. This should be interesting, and we’ll see how it all pans out.



Would you vote for 9ice?

Yes. He Seems Legitimate Enough


Nope. No way

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Free Transform---

7 years Ago, seeing Isolate and 9ice on a track is a Myth; remember Isolate’s Binu Binu and 9ice’s Photocopy. We have always wanted a collaboration, now we have it. Listen To Sanlori By Isolate, adigun on the Vocals.

Now it is clear that the renowned singer Isolate can consistently make his way out in this competitive industry. Out with the old, in with the new, as he features 9ice on this one after a long rumored dispute. You have to love this track titled “Sanlori” for the feeling it brings into the game.
Produced by Tony Y, and mixed by Teepiano for Prolific Music Recordings.


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Screen Shot 2014-04-17 at 5.10.47 PM

9ice is considered as one of the best Nigerian indigenous artiste of our Generation without a doubt. He’s given us solid albums, but the quality of his recent music has giving fans and pundits these days cause for great concern. “Me Thinks it’s high time he dropped the mic”

*playing Certificate (the album) while I rant*

I mean, is there any one who doesn’t know that album? I’ll shoot for about 50 percent of his fans do, and for those who don’t know the album; it’s his first album which didn’t give him what he asked for “Fame”. But, I guess it was the album a lot of people knew about and forgot.

“Gongo-Aso” the single/album is the one that stole so many hearts, and became a Nigerian National Anthem for three solid years i believe and till date it can be considered as a classic without a doubt.

That was about five years ago when 9ice was very nice humble, and not that cocky. His music was loved by pretty much everyone. He’s had 5 Solid albums, and not so many nigerian aristes have given us that . I’d give that to him but his music has become utterly wack as of late.

Certificate -

Gongo Aso -

Tradition -

Bashorun Gaa –

Versus –

This is where he stopped making good music. A lot of critics have argued that his marriage affected his music greatly but “Met hinks Adigun is the Problem.” I mean, some critics will still disagree that the last two albums were below par, but technically 9ice stopped making the music we wanted to hear after Tradition.

What happened to 9ice ? “He’s wack now” I read, every time an angry fan starts ranting, and sometimes when you say the truth you are considered as a Hater. (Nigerian mentality). As far as I’m concerned 9ice is a Legend to me. He’s given me 5 solid albums i can play over and over again and i won’t get tired.

So What Happened to 9ice ? “Ohun Adigun Ti Ha

MaritaL problems? No ! Fela Married 27 wives and made good music while at it , so I don’t think that was never the problem.

I think dropping two albums at the same time creates “Shit” Music. I understand sometimes an artiste will leave their comfort zone and try to be unique, but not dropping two albums at the same time. We only ask for 1 Album adigun!

That’s one Problem. We know you are Good, we love your music. No need for a double album, you are gradually de-ranking your name.

Another Problem; Nigerians Artistes and humility. That word is so foreign to them. Once they start making money, it’s “I need a new team.” That’s the first thing they think about. I can see it happening in the nigerian Music industry today. Word to D’banj in that category, wizkid who might be a new recruit in that category soon. No matter how good you make music, once you let your fame take over you, it’s the beginning of the end. I don’t care how good your music is. You going down some way or the other. Without the Fans there is no You! (Word to every Cocky Nigerian artiste)

It’s really sad.


The veteran Producer who pretty much is responsible for 9ice’s fame besides God. He produced his first album and the sophomore album we consider as one of the best albums we have in our generation.

I don’t know where and how they met but they both came from the streets of Bariga and their chemistry was awesome. It was like D’banj and Don jazzy making endless music.

What happened between both artistes, we don’t know till date. But ID Cabasa’s absence in 9ice music is the main reason why his songs are now “Shit” The Jay 17’s Production on Life Drama came close to the “Old” 9ice but the production was weak, u can feel that 9ice music from 5 years ago but…….

Getting Back Together ?

That would be great. Good music might be made but at this rate i think it won’t happen. 9ice has gotten to the stage where the mic needs to be kept in the box and let’s enjoy his old music. Critics have argued that 9ice won’t survive being an A-List artiste in the next 5 years. “Baba Na to Retire Remain”

Artistes/Blogger Relationship

Nigerian Artistes get comfortable after getting that fame, forgetting that after God it’s the bloggers who made them. After dropping Aje & Seven, two shitty tracks of the recently released albums “CNN”, the Gongo aso crooner made it clear to the public that bloggers are now to be paying his music to post his songs.

I mean “Where they do that at ?”

Bloggers, artistes we all need each other. Blogging your song is a way showing appreciation to your music, so you don’t let arrogance come over you and think you are god.

“Even Jay Z no dey Para Like this, wetin”

This is Why the Nigerian Industry will never be great. Too much arrogance. Humility is not a word associated with some and, only a few pose to be humble. I was irritated when he stated bloggers should pay for his songs, but i waited for his album(s) to drop before i commented about it.

He even made a video. Imagine . You can take them out of bariga but you can’t take the Bariga character out of them

Watch the Video Below:

9ice wouldn’t dare to say this 5 years ago, but he got too comfortable to the extent of making “Wack Music.” His Album dropped few days ago, and the circulation was very slow, wasn’t even on itunes or , for an A-List nigerian artiste. I had a Feeling it was shit anyways so i just waited for it.

At first listen, I literally thought I downloaded a wrong album, and i wanted to cry. How did 9ice get to this Point? The Man that gave us numerous hit singles now mumbles with his croaked voice.

“You don’t come up with this ‘Don’t play my music’ Fiasco and end up recording this trash”. – Gidilounge CEO tweeted after listening.

You don’t expect we bloggers to pay and post your wack music sir. That won’t happen.

Review on CNN & GRA

Both albums are below-par. I won’t call it completely “trash” because there are some songs that will take a pass, but this is the most annoying album since Dr Sid’s Siduction.

Dear 9ice, It’s high time you retired. Let us enjoy the old music, stop breaking our hearts with shitty music. Forever a fan, but the Jig is Up Sir keep the mic. Thank you for the music, we will remember you for that.


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Screen Shot 2014-03-19 at 9.23.08 AM

Miletiti!! Brand New Video from the King himself, 9ice. Shakashiki, a track he dropped A long time ago ( Last Year i think ), Shakashiki is off his Upcoming Album CNN which will be dropping soon. I’m waiting for the album

Ma se Bi Oba :)

Watch and Enjoy

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The social media collectively raised their eyebrow when news broke out a few days ago that 9ice will be going into politics, and running for House of Representatives in Oyo state.

In a recent interview with HipHopWorldMagazine, 9ice confirmed that he’ll be going into politics and explained why he decided to go into his next line of work.

“I’m leaving music, I need to go into something more challenging. Music is no longer competitive for me, I’ve done all that needs to be done in music

Ok 9ice. We believe you. You’re like Michael Jackson, and at some point it’s not even fair to the others musicians. We totally understand where you’r coming from. It’s like us too :)

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Well the music thing might not be quite working out for 9ice anymore, but that isn’t stopping him doing other things.

He announced plans to run for political office in 2015 as a House of Representatives member representing the Ogbomoso North Constituency, Oyo state in the National Assembly.

It’ll be fun to see how all this works out for him.


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Screen Shot 2013-12-23 at 1.39.17 PM

Here is the official Video of 9ice’s Previous single which he dropped a Month ago. Life Drama, one of his best songs he dropped this year.

Watch and share your thoughts on the Video.

imagesIt seems IBAN and BON have had enough from COSON, three days ago they announced the ban of all Nigerian artists registered with COSON. This means they ordered the immediate stop to the airing of songs of artists who are COSON members in Nigeria. They are accusing COSON of arbitrarily imposing and concocting fees which are not based on any agreeable and verifiable tariff and standards.

In a statement released and signed jointly by the President and Secretary of IBAN, Sonny Adun and Guy Murray Bruce, the need for such a drastic step was due to “the antagonism and harassment under the leadership of COSON Chairman, Tony Okoroji.

The affected artists include M.I, eLDee, Ruggedman, Wizkid, Asa, Waje, Omawumi, 2face Idibia, D’banj, Onyeka Onwenu, Iyanya, Banky W, Flavour, Ice Prince, Dr Sid, Olamide, 9ice and several others.

The statement in part reads

“No person or organisation, particularly a collection society such as COSON has a monopoly of authority over any other…IBAN and BON have the utmost respect for Nigerian artistes in their individual and collective capacities and have indeed contributed more than any known institution to the promotion of Nigerian music and the development of the entertainment industry as a whole.”

However Mr Okoroji while reacting to the decision of the broadcasting bodies says the issue here is the strict stand COSON has on the royalties of artist works used on any of the broadcast stations. He says some stations have this attitude of “we can handle COSON” and goes on airing the works of the artist without paying them their due royalty which COSON is strongly against.

COSONexecutivescelebregion_Naijapals[dot]comPMAN Speaks on the current ban of airplay of Nigerian artists by BON & IBAN

The Performing Musicians Association of Nigeria is appalled by the recent development spearheaded by the Broadcasting Organisation of Nigeria (BON) and Independent Broadcasters’ Association of Nigeria (IBAN) via an official press release yesterday, calling for the immediate airplay ban on all media platforms on content from Nigerian artistes, the association which was created with the sole mission to PROTECT, PRESERVE, and PROMOTE Nigerian musicianshas decided to react on the ban and on-going feud between the Broadcasting Organisation of Nigeria(BON), Independent Broadcasters’ Association of Nigeria (IBAN) and Copyright Society of Nigeria (COSON) calling for an immediate reversal of the ban in the interest of these artistes whom we know that all the above mentioned organisations have their best interests at heart.

The ban on airplay of these Nigerian artistes and their music on various Nigerian media platforms is from our standpointvery unfair, demeaning and discouraging. Weall knowwithout a doubt that these same artistes who have persevered and assisted us to build, today what is known as the Nigerian music industry, Africa’s biggest entertainment export to the world are the same people that are now being victimised. With this action, the association foresees a situation where this ban will, rather than encourage well meaning members of the society, with musical talent to hone their craft and join the success story of the entertainment industry, reverse will be the case. We also foresee a situation where the bulk of the material that will be circulated on nigerian airwaves will be foreign materials, celebrating alien artistes instead of embracing, home grown talent and ourcultural heritage.

COSONin it’s own right by a mandate given to the organisation acts as a collecting society for these artistes, helping to monitor and collect royalties entitled to them. As a collecting society, they have since inception acted as a shield to these artistes protecting their intellectual rights. BON& IBAN are arguing that the tariffs and standards presented to them by COSON should be defended and agreeable with them, but we know that the ban is not the best invitation to the negotiating table.

Article of the Broadcast code issued by NBC says: ‘For the purpose of free-to-air broadcast, Nigerian music shall constitute 80 per cent of all music broadcast’. If this ban is sustained, and 80% of the music played on the various media platforms are foreign material, we should ask ourselves as guardians of the music industry, if these media houses are paying the royalties owed to these foreign artistes, and thereby sidelining Nigerian music by Nigerian artistes, are we supporting them or failing them?We should also ask ourselves, ifthis ban which will invariably affect the rising profile of the Nigerian music industry in the world, economically and in relevance is good for us.

With these ongoing conflicts, lets not forget the owners of this intellectual properties, the music owners, record label owners, recording artistes, the instrumentalists, composers, who have spent time and money producing and packaging, what we know, enjoy and call music, their interests should be siginifcant in these agreements.

In light of all that has been mentioned above we ask again that the ban be reversed and that all the affected parties and major stakeholders in the entertainment industry sit down for a dialogue and reach a favourable agreement, beneficial to everyone involved.

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This is pretty self explanatory, 9ice has come out publicly to tell bloggers to stop uploading his songs on their site. Well then… That’s where it ends for us then yea? We’ve heard, no more 9ice on Jaguda.com also :)… Later Later


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The rumors were there all along, and 9ice had don very little to confirm the story, but various sources had confirmed that he indeed had twins with his Abuja based lover, Vicki Godis.

9ice finally decided to come out and confirm the story, and share pictures of his kids. The twins should be over a year old now, and are his 2nd & 3rd kids after Zion with his ex-wife, Toni Payne.

The twins are cute though… very cute :)