We are on the ‘terrorist list’ .. and so what?!

Delta Flight 253
Delta Flight 253

This was written up on a group I am part of on Facebook called I-Rev Naija (The Intellectual revolution) and it was written by Jinadu Adekunle. I am as angry as anybody else about us being put on the terrorist list but the things he has to say does resonate with me. We really need to do something because at this point, things are not getting better. In fact, they are getting worse, Case in point … Where the H*** is our president!!!!! Anyway, read it and feel free to comment on what you do and do not agree with. I agree with what he is saying and I definitely understand where he is coming from!!!

~ By Jinadu Adekunle.
Warning: please dont read if you hate truth and reality!

Nigeria is on the ‘list’ so what?!! Why are we complaining? Are we surprised? Shouldn’t this be a call to action? Wait a minute, of all the 150 million Nigerians, how many percent have the opportunity to even enter a plane not to talk of traveling to the United States? I’ve read all manner of articles in the last few days blaming America for their decision and I’m seriously disgusted – pardon my use of that word. Please tell me, in the last three years of what use have we been to them except for oil – and many African countries are taking our place in oil production!

Can someone please tell me where in the world a tenant defines rules to a landlord? E jo! E so fun mi! (Please tell me!). Can’t we ever learn to take responsibility and forge ahead instead of blaming someone else? Any country has the right to suspect anyone. The other option is to stay put in your country! Kilode? Is it the US’ fault that our diplomacy is reactive rather than proactive? Or that our ‘leader’ couldn’t give Obama a call or that we cant do simple lobbying? Are we also blaiming them for our underdevelopment?

Please read this:

“And oil, yes, Nigeria is a major oil producer, but Brazil is now launching a 10-year program that is going to make it one of the major oil producers in the world. And every other country in Africa is now beginning to produce oil.

And Angola is rivalling Nigeria in oil production, and the United States has just discovered a huge gas reserve which is going to replace some of our dependence on imported energy.
So if you look ahead ten years, is Nigeria really going to be that relevant as a major oil producer, or just another of the many oil producers while the world moves on to alternative sources of energy and other sources of supply.

And what about its influence, its contributions to the continent? As our representative from the parliament talked about, there is a great history of those contributions. But that is history!”
– from speech by Princeton Lyman, Former US Ambassador to Nigeria

It’s so painful that we are crying over the ability or inability of a few of us (less that 0.01% of Nigerians) who are privileged, to travel to the US. Do we realize that we have done more badly to ourselves in the past few years? Please show me development in Nigeria except maybe in a few cities. Industries are moving to Ghana, people are losing jobs, Education has failed (they say it’s failing… wow!), is an American your Governor or Local Government Chairman?

The koko is our influence is reducing as we have less to offer them! Is Ghana not better today after the “Ghana-must-go” era? Please tell me oh! Did they die? Aren’t they developing faster? If you’re not sure, ask Barack Obama why He went there and ignored us! Please let’s be responsible for once! Pushing responsibility is not going to help us! Let’s develop our own country as Ghana did when we pursued them! Nobody throws you away if you are an asset!

Let’s move this ‘unusual energy and unity’ into more meaningful use. Let’s start small meetings across the nation! Let’s stop talking and act! I can proudly say I’m taking positive steps geared towards developing my nation! What are you doing? Let’s stop being selfish! As an executive, how are you contributing to developing Nigeria? Are you just stacking up riches for your family?

You have a job now. Do you want to wait till angry Nigerians block the road and stop you from going to work? Your children are in Private universities. Do you want to wait till angry people deny them entry? You have billions in your account. Are you waiting for the day it will be inaccessible due to social unrest? Of what use will your dream car be of then? May we not see violence. Amen.

If we don’t act now, we only endorse violence in the future. One thing I know, Nigeria will change. If we act now, it may be peaceful. If we delay, we do so to our peril!

End of story!


  1. In all honesty, I've gone through a bunch of emotions since the attacks on Christmas… from shame, to disgust, to anger, and confusion… add the whole adding Nigeria to the terror list and our president being missing and it's understandable why the average nigerian is probably as confused as he/she has ever been.

    It's insulting on many levels that America has us on the terror list and add statements by some american officials (ex and present) i.e Todd Moss, and it's becoming out right rude… But at the end of the day, as you stated, no one will throw you away if you are an asset.

    It's time for us Nigerians to wake up and smell the roses. It's time that we realize that no other country will love Nigeria the way we do… No other country will fix our problems for us… No one will talk good about Nigeria unless we wake up fix things. No one will insult us unless we leave the door wide open for insults.

    At the end of the day, we are all we have.


  3. Eloquently spoken my follow comrade.The only problem to solve this incessant problems in Nigeria,is to impeach the president.

    Check out if Idiot Umar Farouk abdulmuttallab was from a minority state.The Muslims should form their own country or we should secede from Nigeria.

    I can count their atrocities with out number

    1.IBB tried to make Nigeria an islamic country

    2.Kaduna religious crisis

    3.Jos religious crisis

    4.Boko Haram etc

    Love it or Hate it.Fact

    • I have heard many people who have said that but i honestly don't think that is the main solution to any problem. We need to come up with ways in which everyone can finally unite to work together to make Naija a better place for all where we can all live together, have the freedom to practice our beliefs and customs without any other tribe trying to say it is wrong and a way to help naija grow up into the great one we are always claiming to be! Nothing less will do in the long run!

    • Well if you are going to make an ignorant comment like that, at least back it up with some definite points on why you think so to make it less ignorant. The article has very valid points which it is discussing and if you don't agree with its points, just state your own case not just coming on here sprouting nonsense!

  4. I quite agree with the article. And like the writer says, it is hightime we did something. We cannot continue to shift blame on other nations. Change is possible for Nigeria, and it may start with us. We have leaders that are rather enriching their pockets at the expense of the masses. However, we cannot let go of any effort on our part to restore this country. The problems are there, quite all right, and well-known to the world. The solutions will only come from small minds like mine and urs, and the many people who understand the importance of action vs. inaction; democracy vs. outcry, bickering and barrage of talks. In this age of technology, youths are the driving force of any nation. Our leaders have failed us, but we dare not fail ourselves and the generation to come. We will continue to speak, in a proactive voice, until our voice is heard. We should continue to pray, so we never have to say we wished we did. We should continue to respect the lives of those to come, so they will never question what it is we did to ensure Nigeria never remained in the pit our leaders have dragged it.

    We are approaching an era where great minds will take over the seat of power in Nigeria. We are already in an era where internet is revolutionizing how things are done all over the world. As a person, I am constantly disgusted by my leaders. I am not impressed by their action since the so-called independence (which I sometimes wish we never had in the first place). I only pray for them because the bible says to do so. I only respect them because it is of moral value. I do not like my government, but I love my country. If we decide to wait for the right time to come, we may never have one. The time has long come, and at the moment, it is vital that we help restore the image of our country. Like the writer said, this is a call to action. We will not point fingers to other nations because we know our problems are intrinsic to our nation as a whole. What we should do, however, at this moment, rather than talking and shifting blames, is plead that we Nigerians not be treated as terrorists. We will fight our problems from within. If our leaders continue to lead astray, soon enough the power will change. It is not a threat, but it will change. Negative reinforcement is not the ultimate solution. Empowerment is a powerful tool, and together, Nigerians and Americans alike can work together to reach a common goal: a peaceful world, corrupt-free Nigeria, safe America, and a world with endless possibilities.

    Take action; take it today. See the link below for information on how you can make a difference. Ur voice counts!



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