Video: Nigerians In London Join Removal Of Fuel Subsidy Protests


Nigerians living in the UK demonstrated in front of the Nigerian Embassy  London.This was done in solidarity with friends and family back home against the  recent fuel subsidy removal by the Nigerian government. Fuel at the pumps have  seen cost tripled in some cases making the cost of living for most Nigerians  unbearable. Factory78tv was on the scene to bring you what went on at the UK  Occupy Nigeria ( London ) rally.

[youtube width=”560″ height=”349″][/youtube]



  1. This act is a welcome development. But should be handled with care for us nigerians not to find ourselves regreting aftermath effect of our supposedly protest.

  2. Past leaders knew this problem and had no nerves to handle it but kept playing politics of doing it in bits to entrench themselves in office but this man is taking the bull by the horn. We have been suffering insincerity since independence and if one person is telling us the state of the economy as it is, lets give him a benefit of doubt. El-Rufai took the bull by the horn to restore Abuja master plan and people called for his head but after the work was thoroughly done, he is one of the most respected elites known for being straight.


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