Video: Lagos Governorship Debate


Couple of days ago, channels television organized a debate for the Governorship candidates for 2011 election which will kick in a couple of weeks. It was aimed at putting them on the searchlight, such that they can itemize what they will do if elected into office as governor of their respectable states.
Enjoy the debate and share what you think.

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Part 5


Part 6

Part 7

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  1. Fashola is the winner of the debate in Opinion, he sold himself and his incumbency well to Lagosians!!! I kinda like the PDP guy too, he was able to sell himself too as far his experience in public service. Good debate all even tho i expected the other candidates to offer alternate concrete solutions and innovative ideas to elevate Lagos instead personal gratification!!! Mr Jaiyeola Randle should have been more gracious, by not taking Fashola's accusation personal…. he let Fashola mess up his composure.. that affected his ability to speak and connect to the voters!!! Kudos to the democracy!!!! we are stepping towards the right direction

  2. I am glad that Lagos state organized this debate. At least voters get to evaluate the candidates' ability to think and answer questions critically (not just read a speech). I want to add that the coordinator of the debate looked detached from it, and also he was rude. It is common knowledge, or I hope it is, that you let any one finish the point he or she is trying make even if the alloted time has expired.
    Overall, this is commendable, I hope other states as well as the local and federal government will adopt this.

  3. I can't believe i stayed up to watch this, hopefully I'm not late for church. Thanks so much for providing the links. Very interesting debate. A combination of comedy/foolery and wit i tell ya!

    It's quite tragic that some of these men/"leaders" are running for office yet they have no creative ideas or concrete blueprint as to how they intend on implementing certain policies and do not equally have statistical information to back up some of their claims (we need to get rid of such people from running for office..So embarrassing). Their campaign team did not do their job at all. Then again, when we do not have certain institutions to store this information, what can one do!

    But Fashola definitely stood out..Miles apart..Good for him…So did the PDP dude. The rest of the candidates were just….

    We gotta do better though. Looking forward to the Presidential Debate..Hopefully there's one..

    On the real, Channels TV needs to get a well behaved audience…Just saying…

  4. Gov fashola a standout performance but there is need for improvement dr dosunmu in my opinion i think u will become a good gov one day but for now brf is still better

  5. What is Yomi Tokoya doing on this stage. This guy is a cameleon. He sold the yorubas out to the butcher of Africa – Abacha. He almost got VP Gen Diya killed, he is a traitor by profession. His alliance is to the highest bidder, he has no iota of integrity in him.

  6. Ade Dosumu was so weak in this debate. He kept referring to the Federal republic, I don't see what the Federal Republic has done for us Nigerians. For the past 20 years we have been living in total darkness, Federal roads are appalling, they have awarded the Benin-Ore road countless times, but till today it remains a death trap, that is the kind of public service his Government has provided us for the past 12 years. PDP is all about Amala politics and godfatherism.


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