Video: Hilarious! Patrick Obahiagbon’s Thoughts On Rivers State Crisis


Hon Patrick Obahiagbon definitely uses his words well, and here is what he has to say about the Rivers State crisis. Patrick Obahiagbon is currently the Chief of State to the Edo State Governor.

Please listen to what he has to say about the political ‘higi haga’ in Rivers State. Enjoy, Laugh & Learn.

[youtube width=”560″ height=”349″][/youtube]



  1. No link , den wts d essence, jaguda ppl beta go learn frm ur mates lik tooxclusive nd Co..abi wats d essence of dis picture now

  2. This is an example of a foolish man. The purpose of language is to communicate. If someone as learned as him is speaking when knowing that people do not understand, then he is indeed a fool

  3. Woooow!!!. Datz my mentol so far in my lyf, plz dont insult my DAD. Wen d lady ask him a question, he replied “it is crystal clear lyk d biblical tekeh tekeh meneh yufaasi”. I luv dat maxim so much. I wish i kan b opportuned 2 meet him 1 day

  4. U call him a fool u are d biggest fool on earth not 2 understand wat he his saying becos u have a shallow nd mauopic thinkin english has taken anoda demension u hv 2 follow d dynamism u c he even made it clear dat it is vry visible 2 d blind nd audible d deaf so beta go nd read vry well b4 u say nonsense 2 a man who is an erudite and expressing his intergrity by making his humble logomakic

  5. no dey beef d man jawe! Na n tym. Make n dey shine with his grama. Dnt u no dat wit dat grama t makes his speech lively.


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