Video: A Girl That Has Reached Puberty Can Be Married – Senator Yerima


I can”t believe Senator Yerima came on TV and tried to explain this, but you watch by yourself and deduce for yourself what you think. Senator Yerima justified his marriage to an under age girl and even stated that the law which states that marriage should at the age of maturity (which is 18 by Nigeria law) is unconstitutional.

Watch full interview here courtesy of ChannelsTV.



  1. The Senator owned the woman in this interview. He makes solid points based on facts. The woman is just being emotional.
    Every1 is saying no child marriage but no one wants to classify what “child”, in this case, is.
    Are the “anti-child marriage” people advocating for marriage under 18 years or are they advocating the “maturity” of the girl at marriage?
    For most of us, our parents were under 18 yrs when the first child was born.
    The senator made a strong point that one could be 50 yrs but still behave like a 20 yr old. I have met a couple of girls that are like 24yrs old but haven’t fully “matured”, both physically and mentally.

    Anyways, I dont support marrying off a child but advocates for “anti-child marriages” need to come out with a better argument. This woman (host) did a very very poor job in addressing the real concern. Advocates need to clearly define what a “child” is.


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