Video: CNN Interview Goodluck Jonathan. Discusses Boko Haram, Corruption & Power Supply


CNN correspondent has a one of one interview with president, Goodluck Jonathan while he was in Switzerland. In the interview he discusses issues with Boko Haram, Power generation & oil stealing that is costing the government over 60 billion dollars a year.

Watch it here:

[youtube width=”560″ height=”349″][/youtube]

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  1. Yes there is really increase in power supply in Nigeria I can testify to that but I feel the president should add more effort in eradicating poverty and corruption that have rotten the stem in Nigeria but I still believe GEJ is still the best president we have had 4 now!

    • Emmanuel plz stop supporting evil bcos we Nigerians AV not seen any change in power since the president AV beeen promising all Nigerian that Their we b a stead power supply.we r NT talkin of steady power supply in presidential houses in abuja or hasorock, we r talkin abt the Nigerian. Hw long r we going to him is’t until his tenor get over. Plz nxt say d truth and let d world no d truth

  2. Plz tel d president to stop lairing he is bigger than some things ok we are all human beings if we see d truth we should say it and we should stop increasing more corruption In the nation

  3. Mumu incompetence dey worry dis man he’s not even bold enuf…even saying this is what has been a problem 4 years,hw come is d crude oil stolen..what about other cities that have no power supply…you’re the worst president ever

  4. journey of one thousaod míle,s they sld start wit a view on dís íssue is dat presiddent hard for the betterment of every nigerian jus alot of factor,s are against him directly nd indiretly


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