Video: Chilling Documentary Of A War Time Massacre! The Legacy of the Asaba Massacres


This documentary gave me the chills, and I’m sure it will too. For those that know already it serves as a painful reminder of our tainted past, and for those that don’t it’s an eye opener.

The best thing we can do as Nigerians is educate ourselves on our past and learn from it so we don’t repeat the same mistakes our fore fathers did.

This is one of a few massacres that happened during the war, but one that left a mark on the people of Asaba even till today.

This short video gives an account of massacres of civilians that happened in Asaba, Nigeria, 1967, in the early months of the Nigerian Civil War. It uses interviews with survivors and witnesses, and historical photos and documents to tell the story of an event that has largely been ignored for decades. For more information about the continuing research project, visit:


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