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Everyday I wake up with headaches wondering why I am not making money yet at 23 but the answer didn’t take an hour to pop up this morning.

Life as a kid is the most interesting aspect of a Human life, but not all my friends agree with that each time am involved in an argument with them, but I never tried to make them see why I said so but leave them with a question which is;

Are you satisfied with your Lifestyle
This question is short, but tend to put almost all individual on a 2 seconds pause, and after that some will say YES and some others would say NO. However, the answers i did not respond to but simply say Okay, leaving them in a much deeper thought situation. Some people after few days put a call through to me and said I like the question you asked me the other day and I said Why? The answer I got from 80% of my friends I have once engaged in an argument with is “It changed some aspect of my Life

Here is where the basic issue pop in, because you are wondering how a little question I asked changed someone. I will not answer your mind pondering question just yet but I will do that as you read along.

Everything at a platter of Gold
This is certainly not limited to any human, because no matter where you are from, or how poor your family is, the basic fact about life is as a kid you always get to enjoy the benefit of getting just what you want. This will bring a disagreement between me and some people reading this article right now but I will leave you with yet another question just to answer yours. I am doing it that way because am a Nigerian and there is a saying that we love to answer questions with question. If you will allow sincerity be your judge, When you were a baby they put food in your mouth whenever you asked for it by crying and also give you a bath when its needed (mama’s compulsory activity) YES or NO?

How things Change
Gradually in the process of your term as a living human, you would have noticed as you grew, things became a lot much different, from how you get quick responses to request and how people get to Love you. This is a sign that Time changes things. When you were a baby almost everyone around you loves you and almost all your request are met but as you grow, your responses to request gets limited, or takes little time to be granted. You also learnt that you have to choose your own friends because not everyone Loved you anymore.

How do you deal with your Request
This is the most important part of this article, not only because it is what changed the lifestyle of some of my friends, but it has been beaten around from the start. All my friends who called me and thanked me made always had a related question to Making a living, as they said I did nothing, I have no job but am always looking happy. This was were I was forced to let the cat out of the bag, and I said I actually do something and that is why I am always happy and that which I do is my Hobby.

Wondering what I mean by that? Well the only way you can know how my Hobby makes me happy is when you read on How to make a living with your hobby when you are done reading this article.

What really makes you happy
Being happy is very easy and difficult at the same time. It is very easy because you can become forever happy with just a single drift in Time Usage and it is difficult in the sense that you do not know what you use your Time for.

For anybody to be happy, you will need to know just how to use your time because it will not fill your brain with stress of thinking what to do right now and what to do in the next minute, this is actually what I would be writing about on my Blog in my next article ‘Time management’.

Why you are not making money yet
This is coming last although I started with this in my head but I did not know the Reason I was not making money yet until right now, and the only reason is because I have failed to use my brain.

The brain is a very powerful tool, I do call it my Number one tool when it comes to making money. You do not need a coach to make money or become happy with your life, but all you need is a friend like me and that is why I would love you to keep visiting this site for more of my lovely article that would keep you happy and inspired.

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Till then, have a nice time.


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