Stella Oduah’s honorary Ph.D is Fake; US Education Dept Confirms University Doesn’t Exist



But wait, there’s more.

Just a few days after it has been widely reported that Minister of Aviation, Stella Oduah’s master degree is fake as the university she claimed to attend, St Paul’s doesn’t offer a masters program, Premium Times is also reporting that the honorary PHD on Stella Oduah’s resume is also fake as the issuing university, Pacific Christian University, Glendale, USA doesn’t exist at all.

Accoridng to the report The American National Centre for Education Statistics has told PREMIUM TIMES that the Pacific Christian University, Glendale does not exist.

The National Centre for Education Statistics is an agency under the U.S. Department of Education.

Here’s an excerpt from the report from Premium Times:

Responding to a PREMIUM TIMES’ inquiry, the spokesperson for the agency, which maintains a comprehensive and up-to-date database of all American public and private educational institutions, said, “Thank you for your inquiry. I do not see a university in our database that is Pacific Christian University in Glendale”.

She however suggested that the closest to Pacific Christian University in the database might be Hope International University in Fullerton which she believed used to be known as Pacific Christian College.

Contacted,  Every Delarosa of the registrar’s office at Hope International University confirmed that the institution used to be known as Pacific Christian College and not Pacific Christian University as Mrs. Oduah indicated in her resume.

Even at that, Ms. Delarosa insisted Mrs. Oduah could not be referring to Hope University because the institution changed its name from Pacific Christian College in 1997 while Mrs Oduah claimed she was awarded a doctorate in Business Administration 1998.

The Hope University official also explained that the institution, even when it was known as Pacific Christian College, had never had a campus in Glendale. She said the university was based in Long Beach city at the time.

“We do not have any records of any candidate by the name Stella Oduah or related names,” Ms. Delarosa said, after pouring through the university record. “Whether now that we are Hope University and in the past when we were Pacific Christian College, we did not give any such person a degree here.”

This gets more and more ridiculous as days goes by, and to think she’s actually still in office. Fascinating.

Here is a copy of Stella Oduah’s resume

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