SONY Ad with 419 Reference pulled after Nigerians Protest


There were rumors that the ad had been pulled, and now it’s confirmed. Here is the new ad. Hoepfully District 9 will stop showing in cinemas…lol. Now on the flip side, can Naija artist stop making music about 419?…lol

Sony Ad
Sony Ad

Source: on you-tube



  1. I am glad that sony listened and did the right thing. I am more happier because i was part of this campaign.

    I think it is high time songs that glorify 419 should not see the light of day. This website ( also have a big role to play to make sure that such songs are not available here.

    Thanks to the sony management for listening and hope our government learn a lesson by also listening to the cry of her citizens.

  2. So…can you also tell black people to stop making songs about shooting people up and degrading women so that some company in Africa, Europe or Asia wouldn't make a STUPID commercial quoting them?


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