Samantha Lewthwaite ‘White Widow’ Responsible For Kenya Attacks Was Almost Caught In Nigeria

white widow samantha lewthwaite
white widow samantha lewthwaite.

Reports coming from the Daily Mirror suggests that Samantha Lewthwaite popularly known as the white Widow who was responsible to the Kenya Mall Attacks that left 68 dead and 171 injured was once in Nigeria and escaped from authorities by bribing her her way out.

According to the reports she was at some time “In Nigeria, where police forces are notoriously corrupt, there were reports she was almost caught a while ago, but she bribed her way out of trouble.

If this is the case then it begs the question, how tight is our security if one can bribe their way out of trouble. Especially one as wanted as she was.

It’ll be interesting to see how the investigations continue.

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