Report: Oil Marketers Reach Agreement with Federal Government To Fuel Scarcity in 6 Hours


A report by the Cable, The Major Oil Marketers Association of Nigeria (MOMAN) has reached an agreement with the federal government to begin lifting of petroleum products across the country “in six hours”.

This is after almost a month of fuel scarcity that has seen the country cripple, and business begin to shut down due to lack of diesel to power of their generators.

The report below:

According to Magnus Abe, chairman of the senate committee on petroleum resources, the resolution was reached after a meeting of MOMAN and the committee with‎ Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala, minister of finance and coordinating minister for the economy; Joseph Dawha, group managing director of the Nigeria national petroleum corporation (NNPC) and major stakeholders in the oil and gas sector.
Also, the Nigeria union of petroleum and natural gas workers (NUPENG) and the petroleum and natural gas senior staff association (PENGASSAN) have suspended their industrial actions.

The minister said out of the N200 billion that the marketers were asking for, “N159 billion is unclarified claims”. She maintained that she would not give approval to the release of the said money until it was clarified. “If a finance minister is to sign on to that amount without making sure that this amount is really what it is, will Nigerians not accuse of fraud?” she asked. “I don’t want to be part of any accusation of fraud. We must verify properly. “What is happening is a deliberate attempt to sabotage this economy and bring the government to a standstill; to make the administration look bad so that Nigerians will feel the government has not done anything‎.”



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