Religious Violence erupts again in Jos, Nigeria…24 Curfew in Effect



Religious violence between Christians and Muslims in northern Nigeria has erupted again after fighting earlier in the week left at least 27 people dead.

Security forces ordered everyone to remain indoors Tuesday after police and soldiers’ efforts to contain the violence apparently failed.

A local mosque says more than 300 people were injured in the fighting that began Sunday after officials say Muslim youths set fire to a Catholic church. A local Red Cross official has said the fighting left about 5,000 people homeless after rioters set fire to government buildings, mosques, churches and homes.


  1. the pre meditated and deliberate attack on churches on sunday in jos is a definate act of terrorism,for all of u that were wonderin why nigeria was put on the terror watch list i think u have an answer now

  2. The muslim folks have been lookin for a little chance 2 kill xtians.all d attacks are sponsored & delibrate.

  3. IMO, I dont think this is the main reason that Nigeria is on the terriorist list. If the U.S. had the chance to put Mexico on that list they would, there are waaay too many Nigerians migrating into the U.S. and what better way to legitimately cut down the number. Also according to the article it wasn't only churches that were destroyed, Mosques too. The situation in Jos is just disheartening, no one should be taking anyone's life in the name of religious belief. May the souls of the victims rest.

  4. you are dead wrong to say we muslims are terrorists.its those people(men)who dont work to get money,instead,the only thing they do is sit in beer parlours all day all night drinking beer.its a shame that its their women that work in farms to support their families.they are jealous of our(muslims) wealth and progress and no matter what they do they can never drive muslims out of jos,they can never stop our progress and we shall forever be ahead of them.ALLAHU AKBAR

  5. Nigeria is on the terrorist watch list, because the lunatic fundamentalist son of a rich hausa dud almost bombed a plane with 100s of innocent lives on board…. for some reason that doesn't seem to have any connection with Nigeria having too many immigrants, at least in my opinion…


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