President Goodluck Jonathan’s, Plea To Nigerians


This Sunday saw President Goodluck Jonathan attend a farewell service organized for him and his family at the Aso villa chapel. The president begged any Nigerian he may have offended while in office to forgive him, saying it would have been impossible for him not to step on toes as the leader of this great nation.

“So for the eight years that one has been there, definitely one is not perfect. We have certainly done things that probably we wouldn’t have done that way, but we didn’t do things deliberately.

“So for those who we have offended it was not deliberate, it was circumstances of the office. So we also plead that those people should forgive, we think we have done our best.

“You can do your best and your friends may misunderstand you,” he said.

The president said his last service should have been on the 24th of this month but gave reasons as to why he picked today saying; “we will all go to the National Christian Centre for the inauguration service. So for me and my wife, this is our last day of worship here. The congregation will continue until new government takes over.”

Meanwhile the Vice President-elect, Yemi Osinbajo, was absent at the farewell service which would have seen the President officially handing over the chapel to him.

Speaking to journalists after the Sunday service, the Aso Rock Chaplain, Obioma Onwuzurumba, said the Vice President-elect had been duly invited but was unfortunately absent. He sent a representative in his stead.


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