Pornography; Worse Than Crack


With NYSC completed and convinced that the boredom of the bank hall wasn’t the place for a guy like me; it was only natural that I turned to God for immediate help. I realized that It’s not all about getting a first class or 2-1 or about going for NYSC; it’s more about getting a job that pays and affords you time to play. Morning mass thus became routine, rosaries plenty, confessions weekly; I started to mingle with the holy folks in Holy Cross and Holy Communion was a lot more frequent. And even though I was certain that God must have heard my prayers, I wonder if he had heard those of the retarded young boy in dirty clothes- roughly my age- always patrolling the church premises every morning mass. He’d laugh, talk to imaginary folks, soliloquize party, dance with the air and sometimes run around like a toddler 23 years his junior. And I’m like, “whatever happened to this young man?”

I was told that he couldn’t be helped as he was the architect of his own woe, “He used to be very nice boy, but when he was caught eavesdropping on women in the bathroom, the disgrace drove him to Indian hemp” the smug, holier-than-thou lady explained to inquisitive me, “He’s lost his mind”.  She didn’t need to add that as it was pretty obvious that he’d lost his mind but hey, what do you expect from Catholic do-gooders? Here I was; worrying about trying to find a job and there was my mate trying to find his mind and once again I saw the need to count my blessings and thank Jesus for many mercies. But as I tried to lift up my heart and mind to the Lord, I couldn’t help but wonder “Where did the weed take his mind to?”

It all started with pornography, and after looking at the caption of this essay, I’m sure some of you would be like, “Obinna has come again”. But hear me out, before you crucify me and trust me; at the end of this short write-up, you’d be sufficiently convinced that if presented with the dual evils of drugs and pornography, run father from porn!

This is not just some essay where I try to use logical hypotheses to manufacture a credible theory in a bid to convince you; No! This is in many ways scientific as I indulged in some almost empirical research to make such a bold assertion as my caption denotes. Besides, as St. Valentine’s Day draws nigh; I feel compelled to do an informed study and write-up on the ‘Eros’ category of love which E! online and MTV have successfully mingled with Agape.
Like my impatient Northern friends would say- ba dogon turanci; so I’ll go straight to the crux of my argument. What are the disadvantages of porn, some young ones might want to know. “Do we just keep off because God or mommy and daddy will whoop my ass if they found me watching it?” “Besides who the hell is Obinna to say porn is worse than weed? Does it in anyway affect my health? Bollocks!”
Before you call this bollocks, you might be jolted from the blue to realize that Pornography has been fingered to orchestrate addictions such as misogyny, paedophilia, the boob jobs you see insecure ladies getting on Dr. 90210 and erectile dysfunction amongst a litany of other woes.
The first major problem is that pornography addicts have a more difficult time recovering from their addiction than cocaine addicts, since hemp abusers and coke users can get the drug out of their system, but pornographic images stay in the brain forever. How does one remove vile images from one’s head? How easy is it to forget a face you’ve seen, let alone a succession of motion images? The fact that it sticks to one’s memory explains why it can grow and metamorphose into terrible addictions like paedophilia. These addicts for instance start getting fed up with seeing naked grownups and now their fantasies long for naked kids! They soon get tired of watching through the computer and want to see the real thing… It keeps growing like fanned flames.

Secondly, It would blow your mind to discover that according to the National Association for Research and Therapy of Homosexuality- pornography, unlike most addictions, biologically causes the release of what is described as ‘the most perfect addictive substance’. According to new findings of this scientific research body; pornography causes masturbation, which in turn causes the release of naturally occurring opioids as well as other erotoxins. Porno effectively does what the Indian hemp and cocaine cannot do. Simply put; artificially synthesized nicotine which is the substance that gets people hooked on drugs such as hemp, coke or even cigarettes is not synthesized by the body and can thus be erased; a sharp contrast from the erotoxins and opioids produced by pornography.
Worse still is its ready availability in video shops, but more worryingly on the internet. It removes the usual inefficiency in the delivery of pornography, making porn much more ubiquitous than in the days when guys in trench coats would sell nudie postcards or when some guys would smuggle such magazines to schools.  The internet has therefore upsettingly become the perfect drug delivery system because the indulger is anonymous, aroused and has several role models of this behaviour. Imagine the horror of having this drug with the aforementioned consequences pumped into your house 24/7, free, and children know how to use it more than grownups?
And while you imagine that, I subconsciously and unwittingly drool in the horror picture of the unfortunate kid in church; plagued by both topics of this essay you just read and imagine a whole generation of young addicts who will never have this lethal drug out of their minds


By Obinna Odenigbo

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  1. Very true, its often taken for granted but the real deal shows up when the viewer attempts to quit. It has also been known to affect relationships.

  2. I am glad someone called it for what it is sheer evil, very addictive and hard to quit I have heard about many pastors that have been caught up in this vile habit are really struggling to be free. Kirk Franklin also spoke about his own bout with porn addiction. Its better not to get hooked than to be hooked, I have to be more diligent to make sure I dont get caught up in such an evil habit. Thanks for this Obinna

  3. Too much of everything isnt good, thats the bottom line….
    Some of us as individuals have addictive personalities which even makes pressing the pause/stop button very difficult…..
    Humans are just complex beings……
    Life in itself is addictive so choose ur addiction wisely…..
    Great write up….

  4. you're welcome guys…. I hope more young people can read this and see that it's harmful for what it is… Its' easier to expel drugs than images from one's mind… horrible addiction!

  5. Thanks for this. The truth may be bitter but it liberate you when you accept it. Porn is dangerous and evil.

  6. what the fuck! This nigga comparing porn to crack, now that’s just over the top exaggeration. It’s fucking healthy to watch porn but like everything in life it has to be done with moderation. Power ain’t nothing without Control, and life from time to time gives us reminders of those that let their desires get the better of them


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