PAUL PLAY DAIRO sues MTN and ULTIMA LTD 500 Million Naira For infringement on his intellectual property.



Paul play Dairo has gone to court for redress over the unlawful use of hit song “angel of my life” on project fame. Paul was faraway in the US last year when the song was used without proper licensing. Reliable source indicated that his intellectual property manager, Mr. Ayo Rotimi was not even aware of the situation. We gathered that calls were made to the two organisations and their responses were cold and uncooperative.
Paul Plays management contacted festus Keyamo chambers to serve both organisations the suit. It is very sad to notice that even international companies in the calibre of MTN who have benefited enormously in the Nigerian economy is found wanting in unlawful exploitation of intellectual property. This is inappropriate and should be addressed.

The battle lines are drawn?

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  1. As Nigeria’s leading TV production company, Ultima Limited (Ultima) has produced the international format Project Fame (PF)for the last 5 years.

    In the first two years, Ultima paid the Performing and Mechanical Rights Society Ltd/Gte (PMRS) – which was the government approved collecting agency at the time, for all musical works that Ultima used; and from the third year when PMRS became Copyrights Society of Nigeria (COSON), Ultima paid COSON for all the songs used in those years.

    For the past 5 seasons of PF therefore, Ultima has annually made the statutory payments due and required for the use of musical works for both local and international artistes used on the Project Fame show. As is standard practice all over the world, rather than maintain individual agreements with each one of the hundreds of artistes whose songs we use, we have a single agreement with their collection body (COSON) who in turn is responsible for dealing with each individual artiste! COSON is responsible for collecting such payments on behalf of Nigerian artistes.

    Ultima duly paid COSON for use of such music and as such if Paul Play has any issues with payment of royalties for the use of his musical works it should be worked out with COSON and not Ultima nor MTN.

    We wish to state categorically that Ultima Limited is, always has been and remains a law abiding corporate citizen, respecting the rights of all stakeholders in her conduct of business.



    Ultima Limited.

  2. Broke ass paul play. Ultima studio tries to promote naija songs on project fame and u are not happy ur song was listed amongs songs to be performed. tuface and some other artistes have been on that show to perform live and also encourage naija music. Instead of u to appreciate the fact that ur music is played on a reality show u are looking for 500million when ur song did not make 500k on sales. Why not start yahoo yahoo if u are that desperate for money.I still insist that nigerian tv reality shows should only encourage foreign music becos they have better quality music than that of nigeria songs.all naija peeps know is to scam

  3. How come all the loose-tongued fellas have stopped commenting? We need to chill in Naija. Ultima weldone on your professionalism. Paul Play, seriously? So what should tuface do? You just lost any chance of even entering into quality business with these people. By the way, MTN is doing business and making money, y’all are here beefing. Mo sorry gan. No go think up bizness ideas.

  4. See una mouth like 500million and this poor masses sef dey write rubbish.if na una papa get mtn una go gree pay the money.american reality shows no dey pay 500million to sing their own songs na only for naija things like that dey happen. This last mumu write say MTN na barawo. Why ur papa no get common business sense to start him own company wey go succeed.theives

  5. he attention of Copyright Society of Nigeria (COSON) has been drawn to a news story being spread on the Internet that Nigerian singer, Paul Play Dairo has taken legal action against Ultima Ltd and MTN for the infringement of his copyright. COSON recognizes that in a democracy, everyone has the right to go to court. We however wish to remind everyone that the fact that one has gone to court does not necessarily mean that such a person has a good case.

    COSON remains at the forefront of the efforts to promote, protect, enforce and defend the copyright of every stakeholder in the Nigerian music industry. In doing so, COSON will take every step to protect the interest and rights of all individuals and organizations that are playing by the rules and are respecting the rights of copyright owners.

    We wish to say emphatically that ULTIMA LTD has consistently taken every step to ensure that it obtains appropriate copyright licence for the musical works and sound recordings used in its programming. ULTIMA LTD is without question one of the most copyright friendly organizations in Nigeria and in the last few years has paid millions of Naira in copyright fees which have been distributed to various Nigerian copyright owners in musical works and sound recordings.

    We wish to state that at COSON which is a public trust, we value the right of every copyright owner, including Paul Play, to legitimate remuneration. That is what we work for day and night. Before the recent emergence of COSON, music was used freely in public in Nigeria with little consequence. Every step we have taken so far is to stop this practice and to ensure that copyright owners get their due reward. It is however not our intent to shake down or harass organizations that are operating within the law. That will simply destroy the system we are trying to build and threaten the future of the industry for coming generations. Before this development, our officials had made strong efforts to resolve the issues with Paul who has collected royalties from the system on different occasions in the past.

    We have a duty to approach the courts and provide the facts and the law as we know them to ensure that injustice is not done to anyone, whether copyright owner or copyright user. That should help in developing our legal system in this area. COSON will do its duty.

  6. Broke ass paul play..u ma won buy range rover spot abi?no go sing make betr moni..that is if u sell..dey dia dey carry peopl go court


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