One day old baby rescued from pit toilet


266256490lngnre_fsA  28-YEAR old woman, Miss Precious Susan Eze, was paraded by Edo State police for dumping her day old baby girl inside a pit toilet after delivering the baby by herself. The baby was, however, rescued alive. The suspect, who hails from Imo State, when asked by newsmen on why she dumped her baby into the toilet at 12.00 a.m,  refused to respond but a resident of the house where Precious carried out the alleged crime, said that no one was convinced that the suspect was pregnant as she successfully concealed the pregnancy from them.

She stated that when she was getting signs of labour, she requested for a wrapper from her and entered the toilet. Orobosa disclosed that it was the screaming from Precious in the toilet that aroused curiosity and when she asked her what was the problem, she claimed that she was undergoing severe menstrual pains.

According to her, she quickly alerted neighbours who, on arrival, heard the cry of the baby as it battled with maggots inside the pit toilet for several hours before she was rescued by neighbours that used a ladder to reach the baby. Some residents said that Precious had only spent one month in the house and that the father of the child, a Togolese, was not aware of Precious whereabouts.

Police spokesman, ASP Peter Ogboi, said that Precious would be charged to court for attempted murder, adding that the said baby was now in the custody of Edo State Ministry of Women Affairs and Social Development.  The state commissioner for women affairs and social development, Hajia Maimuna Momodu, could not be reached for comments.


Source: Vanguard Nigeria


  1. It takes a lot for a woman to leave a child, and if she does, then it certainly is not in any mindset we would call sane.

    More to this story than is being told.

    • the lady needs help the baby had angle with her. so no harm will come 2 the baby.the baby is gift from God. love caroline.

  2. this right there is a miracle baby….and Lolo said, till we hear the whole story, before any of us can make true judgment.

  3. wow….. i do no know the lady in question situation but that is fucked up for real…such fuckery to leave a baby in a fucking toilet…she for dash me

  4. ummm what more is there to hear to the story….SHE LEFT THE BABY IN THE FREAKING TOILET!!!! ARE you guys serious??? There are many things she should have done the child, taken the child to a church, an orphanage, giving it up for adoption seriously. But for somene to actually live a child in a toilet is pure heartless. I can only imagine the conditions of the toilet, this article made me sick to my stomach. She needs to rot in jail as far as i am concerned i really dont need to hear the rest of the story.

  5. That is not your typical home toilet either. It's an outhouse. It's a pit that holds pounds and pounds of feces and gallons of urine.

  6. how cound the lady do some thing like that GOD give her baby girl. thats nasty 2 put a baby in pit toilet.ewwww,

  7. I would say that she is the stupidest,craziest,most "useless-est",(if there's any thing like that),person in the whole world.But then that would be too good a word for what she really is.

  8. D woman is reali hrtless,how cn she put a baby inside a local toliet pit were de is margotes,?She reali deserve sm punishements 4rm d government.Poor baby,hope u are 5n nw?


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