No District 9 in Nigeria

Scene from District 9
Scene from District 9

Probably 2009’s biggest summer block buster “District 9,” a science-fiction blockbuster about an alien refugee camp in South Africa, is drawing major protests from Nigerians all over the world including government officials in Nigeria over its portrayal of Nigerians, The Associated Press reported.

Dora Akunyili, the country’s information minister, has asked movie theaters in Abuja, the nation’s capital, to stop showing the film because it depicts Nigerians as gangsters, fraudsters and cannibals. “We have directed that they should stop public screening of the film,” Ms. Akunyili said. “We are not happy about it because it portrays Nigeria in bad light.”

Earlier this month Prof. Akunyili also appealed to Sony for an apology on it’s commercial for the SONY Playstation and requested that the studio edit out references to Nigeria.

In the movie, district 9 a character whose name resembles that of the former Nigerian president Olusegun Obasanjo, is shown in one scene trying to eat another character’s arm. The response followed a private screening of the film for government officials on Wednesday.

Source: NYTimes


  1. Infact any African country that screens it–we should withdraw our financial aid money or troops that we have sent to help them with security. Nonsense! How can we be spending our energy and money only to be the butt of jokes by people who benefit from our largess?

    Operation fire for fire!…Thanks to Dora for making us stand up more against this anti-Naija many of us used to be very laissez-faire when we hear hurtful jokes about Nigerian. Now me I dey open eye!!..especially for some of these African countries. Imagine other day a Somalian guy–yes SOMALIAN trying to joke with me about Naija and 419. I shut him down!!

  2. Lol.. Nigeria should start looking within ASAP! The way things are going, we're becoming the butt of every freaking joke. And it's been really easy too cause it takes the Naija government a hot minute to respond. Poor turn around…

    Oh well, I just hope that instead on focusing more energy on public opinion, the govt. will decide to start making changes… cause every rumor has an atom of truth!

  3. The video had a point. Nigerians are heavily involved in fraudulent activities and have a worldwide reputation for being synonymous with fraud. When you think gangs you think Italians even if the Italian person’s knowledge of Italian is limited to pasta. Unfortunately when people meet me as a Nigerian they think 419. At airports, at banks and at most works of life in States there extra percussions to limit 419 activity.

    We are in a free world and unfortunately, the video exploited the freedom to the fullest. We as Nigerians deal in human part, sex trade, baba lawo type stuff, yahoo-yahoo and selling cat food to aliens is a business opportunity I know some Nigerians will not pass if it was profitable. There are two misconceptions here; first, Nigerian 419 guys don’t leave in poor neighborhoods. They do a very high-risk profitable business that will afford them the opportunity to buy expensive cars and probably mansions close to the upper class of Cape-Town or J-burg. The second misconception is that every Nigerian backed business is not legitimate. This misconception will be very hard to change the way non-violent Muslims find it hard to convince airport security that they don’t need to be checked five times more than the other guy with an English name.

    Should the video be band, at first I will say Hell F**king yeah, however, after letting the dust settle it it istime for Nigerians to know how the world views us and it is time for us to change as a nation. Unfortunately this change has to start at the top or can be lead by a revolution at the bottom. The former is more peaceful than the latter.


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