Nigeria’s First Female Chief Justice Appointed


A step in the right direction in terms of gender equality, the President & Senate have appointed Nigeria’s First Female Chief Justice,  Justice Aloma Mariam Mukhtar.

Senate President David Mark had this to say “we hope to improve the public perception of the judiciary and also to ensure that there is steady dispensation of justice. We can only pray that Justice Mukhtar will improve on the condition in which she found the judiciary at the moment. We will work together with the judiciary and the executive arm of government to ensure that there is justice, equity, and fairness and there is progress and discipline in the country.

Justice Muhktar graduated from Gibson and Welder college in law in 1966 and was subsequently called to the English Bar in absentia. She was called to the Bar on June 26, 1967.

At 68 she will replace Justice Dahiru Musdapher who is set to retire as the CJN on 15 of July.



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