Nigerians protest Lybia’s plan to execute 220 Nigerians

Libyan Leader Muammar al-Gaddafi
Libyan Leader Muammar al-Gaddafi

About 200 Nigerians in Libya have been condemned to death, according to information made available by the House of Representatives Committee on Diaspora.

Nigerians all over the world have reacted to alleged plans by the Libya plans to execute about 220 Nigerians for immigration violations. To save the Nigerian from death, Nigerians in the diaspora have therefore asked the country embassy in Lybia as well as the federal government to intervene saying that already, 30 have been executed by the Libyan authorities.

They have also sent out email accounts of Nigerian embassy officials in Lybia for people to force the embassy to intervene. Already, Sudanese embassy officials are aid to have protested to Lybia against the execution of their citizens. Nigerian government is yet to act.

Reports came yesterday that by today, over 220 illegal immigrants in Libya mostly Nigerians may be executed. It said that out of this number, 30 were allegedly executed in the early hours of Thursday in the prison yard in Tripoli, the Libyan capital.

Among the Nigerian illegal immigrants awaiting execution in Libya is a 37-year-old Benedict Ukoma Jude from Imo State who was arrested along with other Nigerians for entering the country without
valid documents.

The arrested Nigerians are said to be kept separately from other nationals from Ghana, Niger, Cameroun ,Algeria and Mali just as the Nigerians are said to being dehumanized before their alleged execution. An official of the Federal Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Abuja however was said to have reported that the Nigerian government was not aware of such development.

But the Benedict Ukoma Jude who spoke from his prison cell in Libya Thusrday said most Nigerian illegal immigrants were arrested in the desert while trying to cross to Europe. Benedict, denied being involved in any criminal activity in Libya, adding that the illegal aliens were arraigned before a court after the arrest, and that the charges against them were read to them in the language they could not understand while the judicial officers feigned
not to understand English.

He alleged that the Libyan authorities have been killing illegalaliens in batches since last week, stressing that the remaining prisoners would be executed tomorrow as over 10 Nigerians were amongthose executed Thursday.

Source: Vanguard NGR


  1. Am not surprised they have not acted.They probably do not have A4 papers to type a letter…or better still there is no light to use a laptop…..

  2. This is very upsetting. Assuming the only "crimes" commited by these individuals where related to immigration laws, I would have to say that the Libyan justice system is absurd! Executing someone for immigration law violation is rather extreme. These illegal immigrants condemned to death are HUMANS not ANIMALS for Christ sake! Based on what rationale is death a justifiable punishment for violating immigration law?! Absolutely ridiculous!

  3. Nigerians in Lybia must not be treated like Animals there are much illegal immigrants in Morocco non had been treated like that and Nigerian government is yet to act on this issue. This is One problem with this country. The fact is Libyan Leader Muammar al-Gaddafi or any authority does not have the right to execute illegal immigrants just no such crime, the most suprising thing is that the charges against them were read to them in the language they could not understand what sort of judicial system is that; well even Nigerian government declared that they were not aware of such development, No problem.

    The illegal immigrants are like COWS WITHOUT TAIL, GOD will surely drive away flies for them in JESUS NAME.

  4. this is too bad….the nigerian government should act fast…this are our own citizens and blood….just because of immigrationa violations????……

  5. Muammar al-Gaddafi and his people must be insane,

    this is racism before humanity,i have been in morocco,

    algeria,sudan,egypt,tunis,and somany part of the world.

    even as i am writing this right now i am in some where in

    asia,i have never seen nor hard of any judiciary convicting

    an immigrant to death,just for illegal entrance alledge?

    UN,ought to do some thing about this before that human

    animal and his talibans provoke world war III..yes i said so

    God bless Nigeria,God bless west africa,God bless africa

    God bless the univers……………………………………………………….

  6. why is the nigerian government not doing anything about thsi thoughtthe house of rep is suppose to represent us in all areas?

  7. Nigerian government is the most usless government in the world, they cant protect their citizen, and they dont care about it at all. what kind of human being are in that country/.

  8. All these nonsense are as a result of irresponsible, wicked, corrupt and insensitive system of govt that operates in Nigeria. Otherwise how and why should there be mass exodus of Nigerians especially the youths who are the future tomorrow, when no responsible govt of any nation toils with there youths which always accounts for greater percentage of human capital of any reasonable and responsible govt. They are now been frustrated into gambling with their lives in foreign land than to stay at home and watch those dumb idiots and senseless beings in the Nigerian govt.

    To make the matter worst the govt is feigning to be ignorant of the situation, what a govt we have in that failed state called Nigeria, what is the responsibilities of the Nigeria embassy in libya, and why do we have one there and why is the public fund been expand on those idiot and animal at that embassy when they can not do anything or even report back to the home office effectively and efficiently.

    I am very much aware that in Nigeria today, there are millions of illegal foreigners living and moving around comfortably, well accommodated without any molestation or ill human treatment at all.

    And finally i am putting some portion of the blame on us we Nigerians for having this (i don't care attitude) and ( i pass my neighbor or my own is not worst attitude) in almost everything especially with the govt, it is high time we start doing what we are suppose to do, if they don't know what they are there for , we will then remind them what we want from the govt, and unless we start this way, nothing will be done correctly and responsibly in that country and one day there maybe no Nigeria to call our country. If we love Nigeria let us raise up to the challenges in a revolution to give these stupid ruler and not leaders a direction which they don't have at all bcos nothing is working in Nigeria today except looting of public fund into their private bags.

  9. Well This Issue should not be new to Nigerians, The Leadership is notthing but Wicked !! This is the time for the citiztens to revolt against this corrupt system !!

    The Nigeria embassy in Lybia should be closed down !!, They at least can't verify and report the situation of things back to Nigeria .

    What A waste of resources. I feel for the 220 victims , Citizens of one of the largest oil producing country ! yet no jobs available to the Youths ….


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