Nigerian Super Eagles Coach, Stephen Keshi, Has Some Harsh Words For Disloyal Fans


Remember when we drew Iran 0-0 in a game where many expected us to win? What made it even worse was that we looked utterly boring and uninterested. Well we all know how Naija football fans are. We cursed and abused and rained insults on the whole team, including Stephen Keshi the coach. Remember how we started apologizing after Argentina almost drew with Iran if not for a last minute Messi Moment?

A Vanguard reporter spoke with Stephen Keshi in Brazil, and reported that the Super Eagles coach is angry at Nigerian fans for abusing him and his family over the team’s performance at the on-going World Cup in Brazil.

“It’s a shame, just a shame that we keep doing the same thing and then they come back and they say they are sorry. Sorry for abusing my mum? Sorry for abusing my siblings? For what? That I am representing Nigeria?”

“I am disappointed, totally disappointed (by the personal attacks), but it’s their thing, no wahala (no problem).

He didn’t stop there. He also blasted his fellow former football stars who have criticized his team and his tactics in Brazil, saying he had expected much better from them as they ought to know better about the game than the man on the street.

Ouch! But we feel you Stephen Keshi! Best way to silence your critics? Win!



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