Nigerian Soldier, Benjamin Sule, Killed By Boko Haram Just Eight Months After His Wedding



Meet Captain Benjamin Sule. A young soldier whose life was cut short just 8 months after his wedding by the deadly Boko Haram sect in an attack on his military contingent in Borno this past weekend.

A source disclosed that though the Defense Headquarters was yet to officially announce his death, his wife and family were already aware of his death.

He is survived by his wife, siblings and parents.


The Nigerian Army have over the past months been under serious attacks by the vicious Boko Haram sect with some of the soldiers killed, while others have sustained injuries.

Too often we get caught up in bad mouthing the government and condemning Boko Haram that we forget to acknowledge the soldiers who put their lives on the front line to stop the growth of this deadly sect, Boko Haram.

Salute to the soldiers fighting this war on our behalf.




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