Nigerian Policemen Fighting Each Other In Lagos… Pictures


I don’t know why I find this funny, even though it’s pretty embarrassing, but the story in Ajegunle, along Lagos-Abeokuta Express is hilarious and sad at the same time. 3 police men engaged in a brawl over reason unexplained at the time.

People were seen scampering for safety, and nobody could tell what caused the fight, which got so messy that the policemen wrestled and dragged themselves on the ground.

The three fighters are corporals serving in the elite Mobile Police Force.

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, so we have a few thousand words for you guys. Check out the pictures:


Source: Compass News

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  2. The third photo is super awesome! The guy in the orange stripe shirt, was enjoying quality-4D entertainment!

    The Aboki and the other hand, was thinking:(Ouch!)

  3. The jungle we coem from…. hehehehehe…

    At least the one guy was trying to seperate them….

    The Good, the bad and the ugly…

  4. this is just too stupid! how can,i don`t know what to use to express how sad it looks like,police men in uniform on a busy road without any shame, those that Nigeria count on to install law and order turn themselves to wrestlers what a disgraceful act.i think they should be disgracefully discharged and jailed.

  5. This is what real men do, unlike America were people handle dispute by shooting each other but African men use their hands to to prove who is in charge. However my fellow Nigerians, what do you expect from men who is too exposed to bribery. I strongly believe that these guys are fighting over who takes the lion share. If those Senators in Abuja can fight during meetings i don't see why police men can't fight on the street." We have big problem for Naija "

  6. It don't cut me by surprise. If they can fight in the House of Senate, where else are they no going to fight. We thank God say they use their hand and not their guns. If not, we should be talking about mass murder or accidental discharge as they normally calls it.

  7. as a young boy i thought its normal for Police to walk around with AK and combat firearms, here in Europe the cops walk around with pistol as their side arms… What a country

  8. soldiers will never embarass demselves outside…. can u really entrust these touts wiv security of lives n property? i fink the nigerian police force needs training on character dev, rather dan combact.

  9. And no one of them Got SHOT? (IN PIDGIN) WETTIN DEY F*CKING WORRY THIS COUNTRY SELF? Why is it civilians and bus drivers that loose their lives to these itchy trigger fingered mothercrackerz. Why don't one shot the other in the foot just to see how it hurts. Crackheads!

  10. I know the reason why they are fighting. The guy on the floor said he is going to expose them if he doesn't get the big portion of the omila job that they just did. That is why fight broke out.

  11. This isn't good yes we know.. and we we all predict the source of this fight.. we are going to be 90% accurate.. but @ Dennis… you shouldn't have used the word F**k on here and not even on your country.. maybe you are from Kuwait. LMAO.. please let's scold the bad eggs and yolk in the force not evenone of them are bad.. MY father isn't a police oo nor any of myfamily. because i know what some readers would think.. GOD bless NIGERIA. i am representing..

  12. i dont think they are all genuine police men. Look at the third guy they are beating, his trousers are not the same with the rest, and he has slippers on rather than boots. Maybe they found that he was an impostor or something. Knowing naija as the lawless country that it is, they probably decided to take matters into their own hands.

    Mi o mo sha. Im just saying…

  13. this should be well taken care of, meaning that serious punishment measures should be taken on them cos this thing speaks bad of the country…………………

  14. What might have triggered their anger. I can not blame them because they are also human. I think it turned out really bad that they had to fight one another. But it is grotesque, ridiculous, ludicrous, laughable and risible.


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