Nigerian Applicant Denied Admission To US University Due To Ebola Concerns


A Nigerian student applying to study at a US university, has been denied admission with the school sighting Ebola concerns. The school, Navarro College, via the College Director of International Program, Elizabeth Pillans, replied the interested student (unnamed) stating that they are halting admission for students from countries with confirmed Ebola cases.

Twitter user, Idris Ayo Bello, started a mini awareness campaign, stating that even though Nigeria is Ebola-free as declared by the World Health Organization (WHO), there is still discrimination against Nigerians.

First off, would the US now be denied entry to other countries citing the Ebola concerns? If WHO has declared Nigeria Ebola free, why would such a thing still be happening?

The answer is simple in my book. Most americans just don’t know much about anything outside the US except via the US media which many times can be biased. All they think of when it comes to Nigeria right now is Boko Haram, Chibok girls, 419 and Ebola. It’s pretty sad and disheartening.

What do you think of this situation?

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