Nigerian Acting President Goodluck Jonathan On CNN (Video)


For those that didn’t get a chance to catch CNN’s interview with Nigerian Acting president, Goodluck Jonathan, here are snippets of his interview. He touches on the Niger Delta Crisis, his short period for a turn around, and the history of his name. This is a positive step in the way of Nigerian Presidential Publicity as not a lot of Nigerian leaders have come out on the international scene and project a positive image. Of course as a real politician, he played his political game well, by not giving direct answers to some questions, but regardless it’s better that having nothing to say about anything. I have to respect the fact that he admitted publicly again to not seeing the ailing former president, Yar’Adua. Watch and share your thoughts.


  1. I am of the opinion that Jonathan Goodluck we certainly perform if giving the chance-I mean if the man is given free-hand without the interference of the likes of Obasanjo,Emirs and the so-called Power Brokers in our society. But then,my advice to Jonathan is to try & carry young brilliant exposed chaps along by putting them in places that their foreign experiences can be displayed rather than all these RE-CYCLING. Jonathan,Almighty God will GUIDE,give YOU KNOWLEDGE,WISDOM&UNDERSTANDING to lead our NATION aright.Finally Mr Acting President, can i beg you in the name of Almighty God to forgive the Bayelsa State Governor in whatever way he might have wronged either Your HUMBLE-SELF or your wife. Pls draw him CLOSER.

  2. Yes, i want to openly agree with Pastor Tunde Bakare that Ibrahim Babangida deserved to be stoned not only by the YORUBAS but NIGERIANS as a whole for his DASTARD behaviour in1993. I am surprised that Gbenga Daniel agreed to serve as his SOUTH-WEST Co-ordinator . Fellow Yoruba's, this is a clear indication that Daniel himself is a Bastard because his acceptance is based on his SELFISH interest. Almighty God will reign his CURSE on these two EVIL-MINDED FOOLs&all their ill-gotten wealth will be spent on SICKNESS


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