Nigeria Ranked As 8th Most Corrupt Nation In The World


According to the Anti-corruption nonprofit Transparency International, TI,Nigeria ranks in the 10 most corrupt nations in the world. The agency released its 2013 Global Corruption Barometer, which surveyed residents in 107 countries, ranking Nigeria, Zambia, Paraguay, Mexico, Zimbabwe, Venezula and Russia as the largest countries on the globe with active corruption indices with Liberia and Mongolia leading the table.

In Nigeria, an astonishing 84% of those surveyed by Transparency International claimed that corruption has actually increased over the past 2 years, and that number is the highest of any country in the world. In addition 75% of those surveyed indicated that the government was ineffective in fighting corruption.

A world-leading 86% of residents who spoke to Transparency International claimed their government had been either ineffective or very ineffective at fighting corruption, while 96% of residents claimed Liberia’s legislature was corrupt, also the highest percentage of any nation. A stunning 75% of residents surveyed claimed they had paid a bribe to secure some service, trailing only Sierra Leone.

“In all, 80% of the population had at one point been asked to pay a bribe. Recently, President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf fired the country’s auditor general for corruption.Many of those surveyed in the highly corrupt countries also felt their governments were not holding up their end of the bargain.

Source: PM News

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  1. Nigeria is corrupt is not a good new and as well we nigerians are not surprise,mind you,not the masses but the government are corrupt..

  2. Whoever did d survey made a big mistake…. Agreed…Nigeria is a corrupt country…. Bt I won’t even rank it among 10 corrupt countries in west africa… Not to talk of the world… Have been to many african countries and I can say it boldly that Nigeria is better

  3. Oh 9ja were we con dey go ooooo
    I pray dat God almighty will heal us of our corrupt practices and our leaders .

  4. 100% correct, from the executive to the judiciary branches of government they are all corrupt individuals.

  5. we cant blame my country, bcos we only nid leadership, ok?? And i promise u, i most put nigeria in her gud position. Vote for me or not,iam destiny to free nigeria my nation.

  6. i am a nigerian and i hav never regret being a nigerian . The truth of the matter is that we are corrupt including myself because we know what is good and we refused to do it. A country full of patroit in disguise , how do you expect a country whose leader’s head is abroad anus at home ,ambassadors of poverty . A country in which the next president is known before election , a country that can not boast of 20hrs power supply in a day talkless of standby light, a country whose government official steal N20b they arrest him only to let him go with a fine of 750,000, a country where the gap between the rich and the poor is as wide as the ocean .why can we tel the truth werther God will help us because is too much

  7. If i will judge Nigeria by the current situation of things, i think Nigeria deserve to be rank No1 most currupt country in the World. A country in which the Gonverment past advert for employment after they have employed their brothers and sisters, A country were you must bribe to get employed. A country were there is no good road, electricity, education stability non even food for the poor masses. It is a shame on Our government who cloth themselves in white on TV and soak themselves in devils blood in the inside. Thought i don’t regret being a Nigerian.


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