Nigeria Is The Worst Country To Be Born In – The Economist Intelligence Unit


It always almost seems like when these sort of rankings are published,Nigeria is on the tail end of it. Either the poorest country, or worst place to live, it’s a reoccurring theme for Nigeria.

The Economic Intelligence Unit, a sister company of The Economist magazine recently released results of its 2013 Where-to-be-born Index. As it should not surprise many (based on recent indexes), Nigeria is ranked 80th out of the 80 countries in the analysis.

Other African countries analyzed include South Africa (53rd), Algeria (54th), Kenya (79th).

The best place to be born in turns out to be Switzerland, and the US places at 16th along with Germany.

According to the Economist Intelligence Unit

Its quality-of-life index links the results of subjective life-satisfaction surveys—how happy people say they are—to objective determinants of the quality of life across countries. Being rich helps more than anything else, but it is not all that counts; things like crime, trust in public institutions and the health of family life matter too. In all, the index takes 11 statistically significant indicators into account. They are a mixed bunch: some are fixed factors, such as geography; others change only very slowly over time (demography, many social and cultural characteristics); and some factors depend on policies and the state of the world economy.

So then? Do you agree with this? Is Nigeria the worst place in the whole world to be born in?



  1. Na their father, idiot people. Though things are not easy in naija but it is not the worst place to be born. I LOVE NIGERIA. Make them come reside here, be4 they conclude.

    • Lol I have to say i’m with you on this one. Naija has a long list of problems and some are getting more troubling but it beats the hell out of Somalia, Sudan and some of these countries that in damn near full blown wars. Wetin!

  2. Agada_emma…I see u joor…your head is where mine is too…mtscheew!..countries dey wey worst pass our 9ja slf….

  3. Lol…vry funny but does switz nd USA guys keep committing suicide but their country is still the shity best to be born in…dem be mighty mUmU, idiot before i 4get them be maggot.


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