Nigeria Is Going To Be One Of The Top 3 Fastest Growing Economies In 2015 – CNN


According to CNN Money, Nigeria is in line to be one of the top 3 fastest growing economies in 2015 along with China, and Qatar. Iraq and Bangladesh round up the top 5.

However this is not the same in terms of the size of the economy. Even though Nigeria has been proclaimed as the largest economy in Africa, it’s still not in the top 10 economies in the world with USA and China leading in that front.


So what do you think? With our population, it makes sense that it’s like this.



  1. Nigerian should never turn their back against the present administration and by casting massive vote for the present government . The CNN money report is a world reputable media.The UN, world bank and other world financial ,economics institution recognizes nigeria is among top world fastest growing economy and there need of continuity . Therefore stable government is a feature of a true democracy of any nation even with BOKO HARAM the economy still among the world best. The WAEC certificate scandal of Buhari alone shows Nigerian cannot be lead any more by mediocre who liar under oath with fictitious affidavid document submission. No wonder education was given lesser priority under Buhari and likes administration. OBJ can say all he want but Nigerian knows the best candidate who can better grow the economy and creates more jobs .Nigeria cannot vote for a president who will scare investors away with some decree policies. Nigeria has come a long way and cannot go backward.


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