Taste of Diamonds! Buy The World’s Most Expensive Champagne For Just N250million



Luxury designer Alexander Amosu creates world’s most expensive champagne.
The champagne costs 1.2million pounds and if converted to Naira it is N250million.

The Nigerian luxury designer Alexander Amosu created a design which takes its inspiration from the Superman style signature and hand crafted it from 18ct solid white gold weighing approximately 48gsm of solid gold centred by a single flawless deep cut white diamond weighing 19cts. The label is also handmade in 18ct solid gold and weighs approximately 36gsm, handcrafted and engraved with the client’s name. He created the design in collaboration with luxury champagne brand, Goût de Diamants.

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  1. D champagne mere looking at it worth it.some people might be doubting cos d aint wine drinkers buh me as a hotelier I know what’s up

  2. Even if the whole bottle was Gold, its still not worth it..fuck whatever taste its has, I don’t give a flying fuck….. N250m will go a fucking long way on somthing better…

  3. fuck that wine, make the wine go look bush. i be area boy from warri (waffi) na me una wan catch mugu for this town, na lie, i no gree


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