News: Orchestrated Attacks On The Person Of Elder Godsday Orubebe-Assuming Criminal Dimension.



This information is made available to the public by Global center for conscious living against
corruption (GLOCCOLAC)

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Ladies and gentlemen, our society dies the day law dies and law will die the day men and women of good conscience choose to remain silent in the face of cheap, baseless blackmail which cannot be proved beyond reasonable doubt. May we the undersigned Civil Society Organizations, from the Global Center for Conscious Living Against Corruption, Independent Democratic Watchdog of Nigeria. Center for Credible Leadership and Citizens Awareness, and the National Youths Movement for Progressive Change start by saluting and commending the courage and bold step of the Chairman, Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) in eradicating corruption in Nigeria since his appointment as the helmsman of the EFCC. We urge you and the entire staff of your commission not to rest on your oars, as the war to corruption has just begun Mr. Chairman Sir. it has come to our notice the alarming rate of indiscriminate and libelous attacks aimed at mutilating the integrity and subjecting the integrity of the person of Elder GodsdayPeter Orubebe to disrepute and ridicule, the coalition of Civil Societies afore mentioned embarked on an independent verification and fact-finding exercise, clearly state our finding as follows:
1. That with reference to the accusation that the 3 projects where at Burutu Local Government Area of Delta State were cited in the Ministers Home Town including the skill accusation center. We believe the Burutu Local Government Area has suffered so much environment degradation and neglect overtime, therefore to citing the skill accusation center Tuomo Town is a way of bringing development to the area and there is nothing wrong with a developmental stride for a long neglected aria such as Tuomo.
2. That after a series of inspection tours of the 9 skill acquisition centers in the Niger Delta State, the Center in Edo State, and the comply was found to be grossly underperforming in spite of several appeals to comply with the specified contract terms, thereby compelling the Ministry to recommend the termination of the contract to the BPP. In other words, it was the BPP that effected the termination of contract at the Edo State Center in line with laid down procedure and guidelines. Therefore Elder Orubebe did nor revoke the said contract as speculated but pronounced the outcome of BPP”s decision. The contract is yet to be re-awarded.
3. That record at AEGIS clearly shows that Eider Orubebe does not own
theMabushi residence at Ministers Hill as well as other JUICY parcels of land in the developed area of the FCT as alleged.
It is pertinent to note that anti-corruptionCivilSociety Organizations reserve the right to investigate public office holders in a democracy such as ours, however, the abuse and aberration of the fundamental human rights of other citizens must be checked if the well deserved respect and public confidence accorded CSOs will be retained.

Again, it is worth of note that Elder GodsdayOrubebe on assumption of office as the Minister, Ministry of Niger Delta Affairs, inherited the abandoned East west road which is of prime importance to the people of the region. Elder Orubebe initiated the redesigning/dualization and inclusion of extra bridges and culverts to with stand the test of time due to the peculiar soil texture and topography of the region which he has promised to commission by December, 2014.
In line with youth’s empowerment, Elder Orubebe has intensified work in the nine (9) skill acquisition centers in the Niger Delta State and 4 of the 9 Centers will be delivered before the end of 2013.

Also, the Okosun Bride has been a focal point that source worry for several decades to the people of the region because of its peculiarities. it is the same Elder Orubebe who initiated the new Okosun Bridge which will be ready in july,2013

In other to alleviate poverty and suffering of the people in the Niger Delta region , Elder Orubebe has also initiated housing scheme projects line ach of the 9 Niger Delta State. It is worth of note that most of these projects have been completed with minor electrification, water-works and road construction on going. With reliable funding by government, these projects will be handed over to the less privilege in 2014.
The level of environmental degradation in the region is unprecedented. This Elder Orubebe has tackled significantly with the Land Reclamation, shoreline Protection, and River Training Projects still ongoing in the region.
Elder Orubebe has also approached other government agencies where fund is generate to ensure the completion of the East West Road by December, 2014 just to mention a few .


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