News: IBB Denies Writing President Goodluck Jonathan



A former Nigerian military Head of State, Ibrahim Badamosi Babangida (IBB), has denied writing a letter to the Nigerian president, Goodluck Jonathan, saying it is an outright blackmail.

A statement by IBB’s former spokesman, Kassim Afegbua, described the purported letter entitled “Your Aides are misleading you; IBB warns Jonathan,”credited to Afegbua by an online media organisation, Global Villa Extra, as a sad commentary on journalism practice.

“I wish to state unequivocally that I am currently working in Edo State as a Special Adviser to the Comrade Governor on Media and Public Affairs, a position which was expressly endorsed by my boss-for-life General IBB. Let me also state without mincing words that I did not issue the said statement that is flying around the social media on behalf of IBB.

“Let me also declare with all the emphasis at my disposal that General IBB did not authorise anyone to issue any statement on his behalf let alone crediting same odious statement to me; Prince Kassim Afegbua,” the statement read.

Afegbua pointed out that it was not in IBB’s character to join issues with leaders in such pedestrian manner as reflected in the statement.

He said: “Let me reminded the publisher(s) of Global Village Extra that journalism is a very serious profession that requires all the ethics, decorum and standard from all practitioners, but certainly not this category of naysayers, hirelings and journalistic-jobbers that are trying to mislead the public”.

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