Great War Has Started Between Boko Haram and Nigeria – David Mark


Last Wednesday 12th October at the senate’s plenary session, Senate President, David Mark says recent attacks by Boko Haram members is a clear indication that the sect group has declared war on Nigeria.

“Clearly, Boko haram has declared war on this country and we must fight this war with all the resources at our disposal. There is no half measure in it. Its not a matter of state of emergency anymore, It is a total war and we must bring all our war resources to bare on Boko Haram” .

Well well, We’re waiting for d action. Things are getting out of hand.

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  1. The love of power has become evil in the heart of all men! The political ratbags! We need action not talk. This is politcal. Student of international Relations! Peace is love!!move on David mk


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