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“A time of reflection for the Igbos? – Governor Rochas Okorocha Speaks Again

Dear Igbo Compatriots:

One of the closest Igbo man to the President-Elect is Dr Chris Ngige Onwa, a Senator who has been defeated in this Senatorial Election.
See how bad Igbos are at strategizing? They couldn’t override a pathological hatred for General Buhari to make a hedge bet and return this man to the Senate, to enhance his chances at Senate Presidency, incase General Buhari wins, which he did.
Instead folks played tribal and religious politics to the tilt as drunken sailors, and failed the man and the chance to make history as Senate President.
That’s what happens when emotions trips common sense and folks succumb to hustlers like Peter Obi and Arthur Eze, hustlers after their own interests instead of the masses they pretend to serve.
I urged caution, I pleaded that we were making a huge mistake to hitch our wagon on Jonathan who wasn’t going to win. And predictably he lost, so also our chance in the new administration.

Rochas Okorocha
Rochas Okorocha

I hate to gloat.
But maybe, maybe, only maybe he gets a good Ministerial appointment, but nothing beats being Senate President.
Igbos are very bad at politics.
Fifty years after Independence, we are yet to produce a President when others have taken multiple turns. Our answer? Blame others! If only the Hausas didn’t do this or Yorubas didn’t do that, perhaps the god of politics will bless our lot.
And sadly it won’t stop until we learn to coexist with others instead of our ‘better than thou’ attitude when dealing with the Hausas and Yorubas. We are not better than anyone, these folks we thumb our noses at, are God’s creatures like us.
We don’t like the Hausas and we don’t like the Yorubas, yet we populate their States in search for our livelihood.
Our politics should mirror our economic aspirations, not the other way around. There is no wisdom in living in the North, earning a living, yet despise the Northerners. That’s being ungrateful. The gods of politics don’t like that.
How long can this collective amnesia insulate us from meaningfully seating at the table, making contributions to Nigeria’s political evolution?
How long can this foolishness go on?
How long?
There is a miserable silence across the land today, because we are realizing that we were sold off for pennies by pimps who parade as Igbo leaders.
Where are they?
Anyone home?”
Hmmm … I sincerely hope some people are listening.

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  1. Where then is the change you preach if you still believe in chasing after “crumbs” instead og allowing your governors go all out to build a state to an enviable height with or without the usual alignment. The igbos have had that same position, pls tell me what difference it made apart from being a position of self agrandisement!! Show me what David Mark’s position did for Benue. Now is the time for the SS/SE governors to prove that alignment with FG is only a myth …. be challenged to surprise those as narrow-minded as Okorocha, turn your states to WONDERLAND. In the meantime, Okorocha can relocate to Abuja if he so desires.


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