Minister Of Aviation Stella Oduah Buys 2 Bulletproof BMWs Worth N255 Million



Sahara reporters initially reported the story that the Minister of Aviation, Stella Oduah purchased two BMWs worth about N255 million ($1.6 million) recently. The story went unconfirmed for a while, but just today, the Ministry confirmed this to be true.

According to Punch Newspaper:

The two black BMW 760 Li HSS vehicles had chasis numbers WBAHP41050DW68032 and WBAHP41010DW68044, and were reportedly delivered to the NCAA on August 13, 2013. They were received by two store managers, F. Onoabhagbe and Y. A. Amzat, who is also the agency’s head of transport. It is estimated that they were received between August 13th and 15th 2013.

Since Stella Oduah has been in office, there have been 2 air-crashes in Nigeria, most notably the Dana aircrash in June 2012 that killed over 150 people. There have also been near misses, most recently the Kabo Air flight carrying passengers to Saudi Arabia that had to have an emergency landing after the tires exploded mid air.

Recently she has been catching a lot of heat for saying “We do not pray for accidents but they are inevitable. But we will continue to do everything to ensure that we do not have accidents. But an accident is an act of God.” For someone in charge of air safety in Nigeria, these statements hit the wrong nerve for a lot of Nigerians.

What do you make of this development? Many Nigerians are calling for her to be sacked following these allegations.


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  1. I think this woman should immediately resign or risk been sacked.Cos she does not a have any business in aviation and hope that our president will disassoicate himself from such poeple so as not to tanish his image which is bearly surviving

  2. Obviously she’s there to protect her fake eye lashes. She’s not doing her job. I guess that’s Nigeria for you. May God help us in that Country.


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