Lithuanian Basketball Fan Arrested During Nigerian Basketball Game For Starting Racist “Monkey Chants”


Where is Lithuania again? Somewhere in Eastern Europe right? I’m sure it must be somewhere that this sort of behavior is tolerated but when you come to the Olympics, please leave all that mess at home.

A Lithuania basketball fan was arrested two days ago when undercover members of Scotland Yard saw him starting racist “Monkey Chants” during the game between Lithuania and Nigeria. To add to the insult, another Lithuanian fan was spotted making Nazi salutes at the black stewardesses a few days before that.

A Scotland Yard representative had this to say “Officers within the basketball area arrested a 32-year-old man on suspicion of a racially aggravated public-order offense. This was the result of a pro-active operation by officers from the Met and stewards following concerns raised by members of the public as to the conduct of a small element of the crowd at a previous event

This is two incidents from citizens of one country. Maybe there’s something in the water in Lithuania, or maybe in their curriculum. Whatever the case is, it’s classes, and should not be brought to the Olympics. Is there some sort of penalty for the country for this? There should be.

Source from ComplexMag



  1. they are trying to make their country popular, no wonder they put up some foolish attitude. tell them that olympics is where enemies become friends and not vice versa. i dont think they are well brought up in their country. they are just some sort of punkass kinda people.


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