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Live a life that is full of joy and fun but remember a life well spent in a glorious one. Always pay attention to those who love and dislike you, they too can tell you the truth. Always make sure you have a good heart and a kind spirit because it is the cradle of success. Never look down on any one because tomorrow is always pregnant and you never know what it will give birth to. Be patient with every situation like the famous saying, a patient dog eats the fattest bone”. Never loose focus on what you want to be in life cause if can result to an early death.

Always at all times, be prayerful cause there is a cod up in heaven who listens. Exercise caution in your business because the world in full as trickery people who at a alert to see you fail. Never mimic the underprivileged, because they have no one to carter for them. Always strive to be happy, never forgetting a happy heart in a blessed one. Open your arms to the world, but do not let go of your values.

Always be a winner, winners never quit and quitters never won. Remember at all times the story of one at the tips of your figures, you might never know when they will come handy. Never look back when you want to take a good decision, have you never known whom you might see.

Always dim it necessary to pray before you leave your house, I too was a victim. Take counsel of the years gracefully, surrendering the things of the youth. Bring into consideration strength to help you when there are challenges with the things of the world. Never be lonely, because loneliness eats deep through our system, locking us from the rest of the world.

You are a child born with purpose that ought to be fulfilled. You have every right that you can imagine, to be a party of this small world of ours. Learn from people’s experience, not your own experience. Be at peace and always seek caused from him because he is our creator. Never be a part of the evil that men do because the evil that they do live after them. You are good and always have a happy heart. So therefore be of good conduct in this great world of ours.

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