Lagos State to launch new line of Taxi Cabs


Governor Fashola and the Lagos State government are set to launch a new line of taxi cabs in Lagos. Fashola and other Lagos State official were witnesses to the launching of the second phase of 1,255 modern taxi cabs and hire services scheme being jointly financed by Union Bank of Nigeria and Lagos Micro Finance Scheme.

Governor Fashola noted that this scheme was made possible through public-private partnership and is aimed at easing public transportation sector in Lagos. He also noted that public-private partnership would go a long way in achieving the economic development and growth of Lagos.

The taxi cabs which are in different colours of yellow, red, grey, mixed black and yellow are to operate from 289 taxi cab hubs across 17 Local Government Areas. The taxi cab fares would also be affordable, and in addition will be fully air conditioned, comfortable, convenient and fully secure and safe.

New Taxi Cabs soon to grace the streets of Lagos
New Taxi Cabs soon to grace the streets of Lagos

“The major investment made by Union Bank and our partners in Micro Finance business for us is a huge signature of  their confidence in the Lagos economy. Its means capital has not taken flight from here ( Lagos ) but finding a way home of safe returns to Lagos . This means new hope is alive.”  Fashola said in his address.

In addition to the transportation sector, there have also been other public-private partnerships in Lagos state that have yeilded results including Waste Management, Security, and road infrastructural renewal. This is yet another star to add to Fashola’s collection of kudos stars since he was elected into Lagos State Government Office. Hopefully other states will follow suit and at least attempt to do something positive in their states and communities.


  1. Omo, we are on the come up oo. No more kabokabo! Orkada people will have to watch out now.

    But really this is a big thing. Public transportation. Since Lagos State is the hub of Nigeria anyways, something like this is of major importance because of the guest and travelers coming in from out of country. Next thing, subway.

    But i still think the police corruption should be taking care of also. That i believe is the most important thing ever right after government corruption.

    • Yes o…

      As per Police Corruption, don't worry we are already drafting out plans to correct that area of affairs…

    • You have said it well Ola, I was just thinking about my next trip to Nigeria and I will surely be moving around in these 'safe taxo cabs' by Gods grace!

      I am very please for Nigeria it gives me so much hope of coming back to Naija …


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