This Is Just The Beginning Of War That Will Befall Nigeria Says Boko Haram Leader Shekau [VIDEO & AUDIO]


“This is to the people, who call themselves Nigerians; it is Shekau that is speaking since you said he has died. Here is something new (Shouts)

It is me that has come out to counter the lies and speculations.

I believe you are watching and listening to me. Sagir Musa (spokesman of JTF) will be sad now and really angry. I pity Sagir Musa. This is just beginning of another war that will befall Nigeria.

It is just starting and new beginning. I know Oladipo Diya will be sad, Jonathan too will not be happy but angry, Obama will be angry, Benjamin Netanyahu of Israel will be sad too.

Francoi Hollande will be angry, Queen Elizabeth is angry. Magrate Thatcher same will be angry and all infidels throughout the world.

I am alive and a new beginning has just commenced.

The world should know am alive by the will of Allah, who will call me at the appointed time he desire and set for me.

If my end comes, no matter what, even if I am eating, I will go. What I am doing, is not my own but it is there in Quran, I challenged all clerics in the world to come out and lets debate. Even if its Tantawee or whoever, they should know that I am not just doing things, rather saying only what Prophet Mohammed SAW was sent to do by God.

What we are saying is there in the Quran, and so do not bother or suffer your selves. What I see in Quran, I will continue to do until the day I cannot breathe again.”

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  1. If mr.president and army chief can read citizens post.I tink they wil do beta against ds forbiden,take a ful war on boko-haram and army chief to recruit more soldiers and pay them well.if not they wil join boko-haram and split ur out this nursance from this nigeria.


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