Is Lagos Really The 3rd Least Liveable City In The World? The Economist Intelligence Unit Says So


According to the Economist Intelligence Unit, Lagos is the 3rd worst/least liveable city in the world. This is from a recent survey of 140 cities around the world. Lagos came in at 138th out of 140. In 2011, Lagos was ranked at 137th. Port Moresby and Dhaka, Bangladesh come in at 139 and 140 respectively.

So what’s the most liveable city in the world? Melbourne, Australia closely followed by Vienna, Austria and Vancouver, Canada came in 3rd. London, UK ranked 55th, and Rio de Janeiro and South Africa were ranked 92nd.

The Economist Intelligence Unit produces regular reports on the world’s major cities.

Full list

So do you think Lagos is the 3rd worst major city to live in? Your thoughts.

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  1. I stay just a city away from Vancouver, Canada. Which is supposed to be the 3rd ‘best city’ and truthfully, its not.

  2. There’s credibility in this report. But I think Lagos is even worse than asserted. Having stayed in Calabar, Cross River b4, I struggle each day to live and cope in Lagos. Mosquitoes n rats coexist wit human lives, u need 2 c and smell d stink frm d Somolu-Bariga canals, d congestn, pollutn, poor town planning, an average living room is a pigeon-hole wit filty surroundings, d worst roads I’ve ever seen, and even worse more, everything is just a mess. Lagos is this ugly!

  3. plsss this people are talking about economic life but not social life….. why will people keep talking about ajegunle and alll. get things right


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