Incredible! Nigerian Woman Gives Birth To A Full White Baby


If someone were to tell you this story randomly, you probably wouldn’t believe or even worse you might make accusuation of witchcraft and the likes, but alas, it is true.

A 32 year old Nigerian woman, Catherine Howarth, in the UK gave birth to a baby that is completely white. No trace of black in him.

The baby is said to have pale skin, green eyes and light brown hair and at 3 months looks very much like any other white baby. Even though the baby’s father is white, it’s very rare where you have a fully black mother give birth to a white baby.

According to a report from the Daily Mail UK

Husband Richard, 34, who works as a medical recruitment consultant, was equally as shocked when he first saw his son, who is the couple’s first child together.

However, he was primarily just happy that Jonah was strong and healthy, after he got the umbilical cord tangled round his neck during labour – a potentially dangerous complication.

‘The colour of Jonah’s skin is of no concern – Jonah being a healthy and happy baby is what matters’

This is pretty incredible stuff, but science says this is actually possibly with interracial couples though, it’s been put at a probability of 1 in a million. We’ve certainly seen it happen with two biracial couples as that’s more common.

Gotta love genetics and science.

Image Credits: DailyMail UK


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