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Finally, all the miners were rescued. After almost or over two months, they each one of them came out alive. I am so happy for them. Really. But it makes me wonder about a few things.

Change location – Nigeria.

The Chilean President was there through out in comfy clothes, our president would not have been there in the first place. Well, especially without the ususal entourage of worthy praise singers, boot-lickers and the likes. He would be attending a gala night like a cousin of mine said. He would most likely send a representative, who would wear an Agbada – must not get dirty, who would also come with his own troupe of cultural dancers and praise singers. But his show of support would be from the podium in a ridiculously expensive venue, in front of the press. Ugh!

If after a few days none of the trapped men could be gotten out, appeals would then be sent to foreign bodies for help. The kind of help needed would be in dollars, pounds and euros. Once that arrives, committees will be set up to look into why the men were trapped in the first place. They would have three months to come up with the what, why, when, where and how. Solution? Hardly.

Meanwhile, the trapped, as I’ve come to refer to them, will be running out of air, water, food and hope.Remember the one who was able to witness the birth of his child? Papa Junior for no know say im wife don born. Both ends (the trapped and their families) were able to see eachother and encourage eachother. Here? They would not have been able to see their own noses. Sunshades were provided for them as they came out – why do I go so far? Our trapped would not have seen sunray, much less sunshine!

Finally, like I started earlier,  after a few days, the site would be declared a sacred ground, for it would have become a mass grave – in my opinion. So, let us all thank God we have no mines to speak of in the first place.

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  1. For a country like Chile to have been so well organized in the rescue efforts while displaying so much solidarity and national pride during the whole process leads me (AGAIN) to the same conclusion – Nigeria is finished.


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