“If you catch anyone that looks like them – kill him!” – Bishop Oyedepo Preaches Killing Jihadist


You won’t believe it if someone told you but those were the words from Bishop Oyedepo in a recent church sermon. He urged his congregation to kill Islamists and anyone who looked like them. Disgusting.

Here’s more of what he said

God has anointed me to lead a revolution against Islamic jihadists,” Oyedepo is seen heatedly shouting to his congregation in the YouTube clip. “If you catch anyone that looks like them – kill him! Kill him and pull out his neck. I will spill his blood on the ground. What nonsense!”

“What Islamic demons,” the influential cleric continued, his entire message interspersed with loud ‘praying in tongues’. “If Nigeria waits for the church to rise, Nigeria will disappear as a nation. You mean government cannot protect people? What a mess… Even the president said they (Boko Haram) have infiltrated his government. To do what? Must the North continue to rule? What devils!”

The video clip below shows the whole footage of the sermon and his rant.

The video is from November 25th, 2014 but had recently really started making waves on the Internet.


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