Goodluck Jonathan, Kenya and The Seven Private Jets



2014 starts off with controversy for the Aso Rock as a Kenyan journalist has stated that the president of Nigeria, Goodluck Jonathan arrived in Kenya with 7 private jets. Yes, 7 private jets.

Here is the video clip of the journalist saying it. In the clip she stated “We were all excited like ‘this is Nigeria’. It’s the country with the largest number of private jets only. Seven private jets! I know there must be more but for us still that was wow. They came in their own jets, everybody came in their own jets

As you can imagine the whole of social media went blazing after the news hits the media, and since then the spokesperson for the president has come out to state that these claims are not true and has challenged the Kenyan lady to prove her claims.




It’s a very interesting debacle because while it’s true that our presidency can be very extravagant atimes, could it be that this is being really blown out of proportion? Especially seeing that the only proof is the word from a journalist in Kenya.

But then again as el-Rufai said on twitter, this is the Nigerian government we’re talking and there has been word that the president fleet includes 10 planes. Seeing a 7 plane entourage in Kenya is not a far cry.

What do you think?


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