Girl Stripped & Molested For Stealing At Shoprite


This is very disturbing. I struggled with whether I should post up the video I just watched or not, and decided not to post it. It’s a bit too much.

Apparently a lady was caught stealing at shoprite, and after she was caught she was stripped, and molested by a crowd of men. They were all tearing her clothes, grabbing her in inappropriate places, and fondling her.

At some point in the video they picked her up, spread her legs and it looked like they tried to insert something in her private area, or were taking pictures. Whatever it is, it’s very bad.

Now I’m not exactly sure what she stole, but please Nigerians, this is not the way forward. Just because this young lady stole something doesn’t mean it’s grounds for stripping her and molesting her. This is not the first time such stories have come up and it’s very sad.

Sexually molesting someone is not the punishment for stealing. Please Nigerian men in particular, let’s stop this backward thinking. We’re barely getting over the aluu 4 killings, and this one pops up. Which way Nigeria?

See video here. Warning it’s pretty disturbing. 

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    ALUU 4: Lloyd, Ugonna, Tekena, Chidiaka.Som call u cultists
    .Som call u thieves .Initially u were worried abt de shame of
    being stripped naked in full of the view of
    the crowd.De shame quickly turned into fear 4 ur life.Dey beat u so badly,u culd not mutter a
    word.Your heart was saying “Please!!wait
    we’re not thieves.but ur mouth would not
    move.U were tired,aching & gasping 4 the breath of life.U look @ de crowd & u see children,men & women Dat are ur fellow country
    men.Shock met disbelieve.
    Your hearts cried 4 help.U were tinking it was a dream,Dat Dis
    canot B happening.
    They are not going to kill us.U wanted to wake up so that u dream no
    more.But sadly enough,the dream was not an
    illusion but apparent reality.You shouted,Somebody Help!Please
    Somebody Help!Ur Dad was not there to feel ur pain…
    Your Mum was not there to hear ur cry 4
    help.Your Brothers & Sisters were somwhere on
    their daily businesses, while u were dying
    somwhere in Aluu community.U were so badly beaten.U were hoping just 2 die so Dat it will all
    end.Den came the Petrol.& u were thinking.No they wont burn us.No Nooo! The fire came.The sun became so hot.
    U hoped 4 the rain which will never
    come.Oh the Pain.So Unbearable.Then there was silence and peace.You
    crossed over to eternity,waving ur hands 2
    ur lifeless body.Finally u found rest from ur tormentors.You were betrayed.betrayed by De person who won’t pay his
    debt & dare turn on u & watch u die in
    such anguish.betrayed by the community who made so
    many assumptions & exercised their jungle
    judgement on u.betrayed by those who stood by &
    enjoyed this injustice.betrayed by the authorities Dat has no
    immediate response to community uproar.betrayed by every observer who thinks 4
    whatever rison,u deserve this gruesome
    judgment.betrayed by any human being who
    whatever reason thinks any circumstance
    around ur death was justified by De
    judgment u were served.BETRAYAL WRITTEN ALL OVER
    THERE FACES.MAY UR SOULS REST IN PEACE Amen.@ieebraheem USA united state of Aluu

  2. ds gist is stale and it didnt happen in shoprite… it happened way b4 Aluu incident, get ur facts right… Ive gat d video too.

  3. Stop insulting nigerian men, u re not even sure were it happened… Pls be sure to get ur facts rite… Plus d video even came out before d Aluu4

  4. This is not the time to defend people that fact is incidents like this show how primitive Nigerians are becoming.

  5. this incident happened in makurdi the benue state capital last month.she stole a blackberry while trying to buy a nokia X2 with her boyfriend and when the owner of the shop asked them she started insulting the guy so he called on other people around that area and things got ugly but some people came to her rescue later.arrests were made by the police days later even some of the people u see there in the video were also arrested including the owner of the shop.the sad news is that she commited suicide days after this incident.

  6. It happened in a Ghanaian University campus and the real story was that she stole a laptop. The issue was even discuss on their radio. So bloggers make findings before publishing stories.


  7. Jaguda. You guys can lie……… You put up this old gist just to get hits on ur website. This video is old and it did nt happen in any shoprite.

  8. I dnt want 2 knw were n wen its happened, all I knw is dat is high tym all dis shuld b stoped in nigeria. Hw long do we continue lyk dis? Pls pls n pls, am pleading 2 all nigerians, letz stop killin ourselfs.

  9. If you’re not going to post shit, stop making titillating posts about not posting video of dirty niggers behaving like dirty niggers. You’re more of a filthy son-of-a-bitch than anyone in this video. No one cares a fuck about your fake-ass, deliberate show of conscience-for-hits behavior. If your not going to post something, just don’t post it and shut the fuck up and go away you worthless fuck. Thank you, and come again!


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