Gender Controversy Over South African Athelete Caster Semenya


There has been so much controversy over the gender of Gold medalist Caster Semenya ever since she won the 800m sprint by a large margin in the World Championships on thursday.

The Parents of the sprinter have protested such accusation, with her dad saying “That is my little girl.” Her dramatic winning margin, muscular build and deep voice sparked speculation about her gender. Her father, grandmother and cousin dismissed speculation she is not a woman.

About three weeks ago, the IAAF asked the South African athletics federation to conduct the gender test after Semenya burst onto the scene by posting a world leading time of 1 minute, 56.72 seconds at the African junior championships in Bambous, Mauritius.

“It would not be like that if it were some young girl from Europe,” Chuene told The Associated Press in a telephone interview. “If it was a white child, she would be sitting somewhere with a psychologist, but this is an African child.”

Chuene also said there was no evidence to prove Semenya was doing anything wrong.

“If there was evidence, she would have been stopped,” Chuene said. “Where I come from, you’re innocent until proven guilty.

“They’re judging her based on what?” Chuene added. “Who can give me conclusive evidence? I want someone to do that.”

Semenya did not attend the medal winners’ news conference after winning by a margin of more than 2 seconds, in 1:55.45. She was replaced at the dais by IAAF general secretary Pierre Weiss.

Weiss said the testing was ordered because of “ambiguity, not because we believe she is cheating.”

I personally think this is one of those situations where her image has already been tainted permanently. If it turns out that she is a woman, then arguably her best day in her life has been ruined by these accusations. However, if she is a man, then it will have to be the most embarrassing day in the face of south african sports.

What are your thoughts? Here are some of her pics:

Caster Semenya Celebrating after winning 800m race
Caster Semenya Celebrating after winning 800m race
Caster Semenya
Caster Semenya
Semenya before the Race
Semenya before the Race


  1. guys, please don't judge, you know how after all the working out and stuff, a woman can start resembling a man more and more, she is already going through enough with her day being messed up by all these people, please don't judge her until you have all the facts, poor girl, after all her hard work, she has to face all these ppl!!!

  2. Granted, she looks like a man. But there are several women like that. They should leave her alone and let her enjoy her wins.

  3. I have a lot of sympathy for her situation. I can't imagine being questioned and speculated about like that.

    BUT…she is on a very public platform, and with fame and publicity come questions and brutal exposure.

    This isn't just a matter of judgement, the ambiguity is not her fault, if she was a man pretending to be a woman, she would have done a much better job of it!

    As it is, I wonder if its a case of genetic phenomenon, she has boyish features, a deep voice and doesn't seem to have developed breasts as such (although this alone is not proof of anything).

    Maybe…just maybe she is over-producing testosterone, or she's a heamaphrodite….just maybe….

  4. Why aren't the usual questions being asked? Maybe she's using steroids or some other performance-enhancing drugs. I think it's sad and such an invasion of her privacy, but the allegations have to be followed up–at the very least to clear her name.

  5. no ovary no womb internal testicles simply imply that HE is a MALE but a strange one as it were , BECAUSE what makes a woman a FEMALE are missing ie the WOMB and the OVARY, ARE MISSING he may not have a penis but what makes a man MALE is the testicles which is proven to be present.Its painful his privacy had been opened for the world to see,but with this prove sentiment apart HE IS A MAN

  6. He is a male with cyptorchidy, that means his testes are hidden inside his body. It is fairly common but this problem is usually found early and cured.

    He has no female organs whatsoever unlike a hermaphrodite has organs from both genders.

    He may be sincere, but I don't think it is the case of all the people from him country who pushed her forward to win female competitions.

    It is quite unfair for female runners.


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