Federal Government Re-instates Dana Airline’s License, Three Months After Plane Crash


What is wrong with the Nigerian Government? Well, nothing surprises me anymore. June 3rd is the day that Dana airline claimed 153 lives in Lagos and I hope we have not forgotten that. The Federal government suspended their license, and now just three months after the crash it’s being re-instated again.

I guess they have forgotten the pain the families of the victims went through. So Dana Airline is back working and I wonder who they will fly, because most Nigerians won’t fly that airline. No one wants to die.

The question is will you fly Dana Airline?

Press Release

By this development, Dana Airline is free to resume its normal commercial flight operations. Government will however continue to strengthen its oversight and regulatory functions to ensure that all airlines operating in the country, including Dana adhere strictly to safety procedures as required by the Nigerian Civil Aviation Act and all other relevant local and international regulations that ensure and promote sustainable air safety.

“The operating licence of Dana Airlines was temporarily suspended following the crash of one of its aircraft on June 3, in Lagos as a safety precaution.”

The release was signed by Joe Obi, SA (Media) to Hon. Minister of Aviation.



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