“F*** that bastard D’banj for collecting Money from Goodluck, God will punish you’. – Eedris Abdulkareem


Controversial rapper Eedris Abdulkareem has called out the Mo’Hits pop singer D’banj and other Nigerian artistes who campaigned for President Goodluck Jonathan before the April Polls in 2011.

Today, Tuesday, January 10, 2012 the Kennis Music act made an appearance at theGani Fawehinmi Park in support of the on-going strike against the Federal government’s removal of Fuel subsidy.

Eedris got on stage and said ‘…and all of una wey sing for Goodluck, F*** that bastard D’banj for collecting Money from Goodluck, God will punish you’.

The rapper also revisited his past issues with former president Olusegun Obasanjo.

‘The man wey say i dey craze because i sing Nigeria jaga jaga where him dey now inside this hardship. Na 2002 I sing Nigeria JagaJaga, na 2012 we dey so o’, Eedris lamented to the mammoth crowd.

The rapper who has six albums credited to his career had released ‘Jaga jaga’, a single which described the country’s down-state back in 2002. Obasanjo supposedly replied him derogatorily.

NET had a quick chat with the rapper just after he got performed his songs. Eedris disclosed that he was also approached to campaign for the current president but he said ‘no’. ‘They called me too but I turned them down, D’banj can’t be here because he knows he has disappointed the people’, Eedris said.

Others at second day of the protest include Olu Maintain, Pasuma, Zeez, Femi Kuti, Eldee, Seun Kuti, Salawa Abeni, Tosyn Bucknor,Tunde Bakare, Dele Osunmakinde, Bimbo Akintola, Desmond Elliot and several others.
In related news, the rapper recently released a sequel to his ‘Jaga jaga’ hit song titled ‘Jaga jaga Pt 2’; the message doesn’t stray away from the content in the original song.

Source – korrectnation.com

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    • Im sorry to say "You are the big and blind fool at your age" if you choose to remain like that, FINE but please fight for your unborn children's future.

  1. My guy is back,welcome thank u 4 ur observation.u knw wen u say d tru our leaders wl nt lyk cos u r revealin dre secret.thank u eedris dbanj fuck u nigeria jaga jaga

  2. Hey edris this too much for you to call a super star like you a bitch… This comment of yours really •̸Ϟαkε M̶̲̥̅ε̲̣̣̣̥ sick a lot…Is it d’banj fault tell M̶̲̥̅ε̲̣̣̣̥ ….you A̶̲̅я̲̣e my favorite artist before but for this comment fuck you and go to hell….

    • Im sorry to say "You are a big and blind fool at your age" if you choose to remain like that, FINE but please fight for your unborn children's future.

  3. Please let edris him self read my fucking comment, Let M̶̲̥̅ε̲̣̣̣̥ remind you this is what kelly handsome did then that •̸Ϟαkε him regret of his life today please don’t try that guy ( D’banj )

  4. Eedris is a big fool and a retard.. I have always know you to be controversial and this hasn't taken you to anyway . Big thief am sure if goodluck jonathan calls you . U will sing too . Idiot

  5. Dbanj is nothing but a bastard…….EDRIS is a truly born nigerian eventhough he looks or sounds wayward……….

  6. I believe its not only D’banj dat took money from him but that’s not the issue, he should hav been there. 4ck Goodluck too

  7. Eedris is going beyond the line. Dbanj has every right to campaign and vote for anyone he feels like, and besides Dbanj is not the only one that campaigned for him among the so called celebrities. most of those people that are fronting the demonstration today also voted for Goodluck, so what are you saying? fight for better and stop pointing fingers. you dont sound controversial but jealous and childish. by the way who did u vote for? did Dbanj asked Jonathan to remove subsidy? grow up!!!!!!!1

  8. Eedris,u’r d biggest bastard,wot hs campaini 4 d presidnt got 2 du wif ds? jus say d boi dun hama paz u…….

  9. Anybody dat calls Dbanj a fool is only letting d world know dat he is a fucking illiterate. Dd Dbanj c d vision dat Goodluck will misbehave???? So if they call someone to campaign he won’t collect d money because of bad governance??? All u illiterates should open ur eyes and stop thinking from ur behinds. Eedris is just an unlucky musician,ur tym has passed and I can assure u that u will neva sell any hit again so stop saying dat dbanj is a fool to d touts dat u hope will buy ur cd cs they will pirate it. Old fools should beta grow up, I have completely lost my respect for Eedris.

  10. Y’all insulting d’banj. Lemme tel y’all smfn dt if it were eedris dt ws given d deal, he wud hv done likewise. So i fink eedris is jst beefin n dt’z has spoken peurile of him. Eedris wil always remain an asshole even wen he finks he’s speakin 4d masses! *mtchew*

  11. Idris is saying the truth, all u haters of idris and lovers of badluck jonathan should go hug 100000KVA transformer. Idiots!!

  12. I had to write this for everyone to read. First, I think D-banj as the right to collect money or campaign for anyone he likes. The only reason why Eedris was furious and was so fast to call D-banj a fool or whatever is that, All celebritIES that campaigned for Goodluck or didn’t were coming out to condemn the president`s action CONCERNING THE SUBSIDY but it took d-banj for ever to come out TO show support for the masses, so that people can know that he is on their side….when he finally said something,this was what he wrote “”All I can say about the Subsidy is the obvious truth that my fans, friends, family and we the masses are the ones feeling the pain now”. Why is D-banj talking under tongue and couldnt address the issue the proper way and join people on the street to protest?………I think D-banj`s response to the saga, required someone to call him and thats what Eedris did.

  13. na you b pure wawa. If na you dem give d money, u no go campaign ni? Guy, try 2 grow jare. Wetin u understand by subsidy sef?

  14. Dis edris of a guy hz bn lukin 4 an opportunity 2 atttack dis gently felw,nw he found one.so he’s jst beefing.

  15. Dis edris of a guy hz bn lukin 4 an opportunity 2 atttack dis gently felw,nw he found one.so he’s jst beefing.

  16. D’banj is a true bastard,wot does it cost him 2 show at d street rally nd show support 4 d masses,at least pple lyk eldee,sound sultan,9ice,k1 d ultimate were there.D’banj is a real BASTARD.

  17. No 1 shuld b blamed,wrk wit gudluk n make naija a beta place.idris u are rung 4 insulting dbanj.men every thing in naija is politics so u cnt say u wunt collect money 4rm d presido no mata hw naija jaga jaga.abeg let’s wrk 2geda.idris n d banj,I’m u guyz big fan so no cos beef.

  18. fuck edris, d beating wey u chop from 50cent’s body guards don scatter ya head since den ba? sowii oh, bt u suppose reach yaba left nw make dem examine u!…bitch ass nigga!

  19. Ў☹ü a̶̲̥̅̊я̲̣̣̥ǝ̥̥ old fool, na hungry won kill ў☹ü for house, ​J̲̣̣̣U̶̲̥̅̊§τ̲̅ becuz ўour idiolity music career is over that why ў☹ü a̶̲̥̅̊я̲̣̣̥ǝ̥̥ lamenting like a pick-cock, better follow the winning and let D’banj put ў☹ü on a right way, I can c ў☹ü a̶̲̥̅̊я̲̣̣̥ǝ̥̥ talking from the furiocity and wayward ode olori nla

  20. U knw!dis is y i respect people like 2face, peter n paul okoye. How can an aclaim smart artist like ‘ediot’, oh sory eedris abdulkareem loud out at a fellow artist out of jelousy ?. D’banj is workin, u r tukin.

    U knw! M.I once made out a phrase in his rap “do more,talk less”.

  21. Eldris u’r a big fool 4 sayin dat…i don’t tink u saw d 4 walls of school nd dat makes u an illitrate wif those artiste dat came out wif u to protest.old fool are u still searching 4 ur calabar girl, u mates are giving us gud rap nd u’r singing nonsense… U tink we don’t know u’r a drug addict fuck out u good 4 notin bastard.

  22. Omo ade, u’re a bastard likwise olabode nd dat stupid nitwit GOLD, U ALL ARE A BASTARD, Eedris IS SAYN D TRUTH, AREN’T U IN NAIJA.


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