Ernest’s kidney transplant funds


Ernest has sickle cell anaemia, sickle cell nephropathy and was diagnosed with stage 5 chronic kidney disease. In addition to this, he suffers from avascular necrosis, generalised tonic clonic seizures and Todd’s hemiparesis – all complications from long-term treatment of renal failure (he has been suffering from renal failure since he was 13 years old).

With Ernest’s positive attitude to life, it is sometimes difficult to believe he is going through a difficult phase. He dreams of becoming a successful entrepreneur who will make an impact in his world. Ernest is full of life and enthusiasm for the future.

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£40,110 was raised in 2013 for his surgery in India. He left Lagos for India with excitement for the surgery in January 2014. However, he started having various complications which had to be treated; this meant that his transplant had to be postponed.

Ernest has been in India since January 2014 (in and out of hospital) for the treatment of the complications prior to his surgery. His doctors have now given him the all clear for surgery and we are hoping to raise £27,000 to complete the payment for the surgery and his after surgery care in India for 6 months. We have raised about £5,000 pounds to date – taking into account the donations made to the accounts in Nigeria (thanks to everyone who has been generous).
The funds we hope to raise from this campaign will give Ernest the opportunity for a healthy future. We have been blessed that Ernest’s cousin has offered to donate his kidney and we are trusting the surgery will be successful.

Here is a breakdown of the expenses so far in the course of his treatment:

Cost of Visa fees for Ernest and his team: £214.93

Cost of preparing transplant documents: £67.16

Cost of air tickets: £3,025.32

Cost of medical tests in India: £167.91

Cost of admission (7 times) in the hospital: £10,074.88

Cost of appendectomy operation: £503.74

Cost of dialysis (3 days x 4 weeks x 15 months x £83.95): £15,111

Cost of medical treatment for different illnesses arising: £13,433.17

Cost of house rent( $500 x15): £5,037.44

Cost of feeding for him and his team: £335.83

We are grateful for the time taken to read this narrative and thank you in advance with helping Ernest in his journey to a healthy life.

Donations can also be made to the following account numbers in Lagos, Nigeria:

Account name: Joyner Ifeyinwa Eke

Bank: Guaranty Trust Bank

Account number: 0127035711


Account name: Eke Ernest

Account number: 0139187549

Bank : Guaranty Trust Bank.




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